Brunei Special: Dehumidifier ND315.5

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Achieve ideal humidity levels with the novita SpringBlooms Collection, LaundryFresh™ dehumidifier ND315.5. Coming in 3 vibrant and refreshing colours, this compact dehumidifier is handy and also a functional additional to any household as a welcomed aid for laundry drying during unpredictable weather conditions or for prevention against mold and mildew growth. With an extraction rate of 15 litres per day, maintain the recommended 50% RH Level with its accompanying features: Preferred Humidity Settings, Auto Humidity Sensor, Economical Standby Mode Activated Carbon Charcoal Filter, Power-Efficient Rotary Compressor and semi-permanent built-in ionizer that produces up to 20 million negative ions. Complete the LaundryFresh™ experience with a novita AirCare™ Air Sterilizer NAS300 that produces controlled ozone concentration to eliminate airborne germs and unpleasant odours for a thorough air sterilization. Beat the uncomfortable and persistent humid conditions and let LaundryFresh™ dehumidifier ND315.5 help with your indoor laundry drying today!


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Brunei Special: Dehumidifier ND315.5

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Technical Specifications


Dimensions (W x D x H)


305 mm x 190 mm x 483 mm

Empty Weight


9.3 kg

Power Consumption


240 Watts

Extraction (30°C, 80% RH)


15 litres/ day

Recommended Coverage


► Dehumidifying: Up to 350 sq. ft. or 32 m2
► Laundry Drying : Up to 262 sq. ft. or 24 m

Tank Capacity


3.0 litres

Running Temperature


5 – 35 °C







Air Flow


110 m3 / hr

Negative Ion Density+


Up to 20 Million/cm3



► LaundryFresh™ Series
► Semi-permanent Built-In Ionizer
► Preferred Humidity Settings
► Activated Carbon Charcoal Filter
► Auto Humidity Sensor
► Auto Stop with Full Tank Indication
► Economical Standby Mode
► Power Efficiency
► Silent Operation
► Continuous Drainage Option
► CFC Free Refrigerant
► Rotary Compressor
► Pre-Filter Screen
► Sleek Design

Product Accessory


► 1 x PVC Hose (8 mm inner diameter)
► LaundryFresh™ Enhancement Pack (Optional) Includes
- 12 x Activated Carbon Charcoal Filter
(Suggested bimonthly* replacement)
- 1 x AirCare™ Air Sterilizer NAS300 (Mystic White)

Colour Available


► Hydrangea Green
► Peony Pink
► Tulip White

□ It is recommended to confine to the stated recommended coverage area for effective and optimum laundry drying performance.
+ Negative ion density measurement is based form source emission
* Based on average 8 hours a day, 7 days a week usage under normal domestic indoor environment.

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