Garment Steamer SS29

Sleek & Elegant

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The novita Garment Steamer SS29 is a sophisticated model for the premium user that wants it all. Select from the 8 different levels of steam power to optimally straighten out tricky garments like frilly lace, embroidery, delicate silk and even stiff denim. With its aesthetic design and ergonomic functions, SS29 is one all-rounder you can depend on.

Garment Steamer SS29

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8 steps steam power selection. Customised garment care.

With 8 steam power levels, SS29 lets you straighten out every fabric type with ease!

Equipped with 8 steam power levels, SS29 lets you select the right amount of steam output, to cater for every fabric type.

Use the lower steam power level for delicate fabrics like silk and satin and switch to the higher levels for stiffer fabrics like cotton and denim.


Digital control panel. Sophisticated addition, easy selection.

Press on the soft key digital control panel for different settings and functions!

Unique to SS29, the digital control panel provides access to all the functions while the LED display screen indicates the current status of your unit.



Water shortage alarm. Gentle refill reminder.

You know it’s time to refill when the unit starts to beep!

Using a float switch for detection, SS29 starts beeping when water level falls below safety level.

This safety feature prevents overheating and damage to the unit while minimising the risk of fire hazard.



Technical Specifications


Dimensions (W x D x H)


205 mm x 365 mm x 1665 mm

Empty Weight


7.1 kg

Power Consumption


750 – 1750 Watts

Water Tank Capacity


3.2 litres

Continuous Steaming


Up to 2 hours

Heating Element


Heavy Brass

Steamer Control


► Convenient Micro-Switch
► LED Display Screen



► Auto-Off Safety Function
► Water Shortage Alarm
► Overheating Protection
► Protective Canvas Cover
► Rust-Free Boiler
► Shatterproof Water Tank
► Swivel Hanger
► Easy-Roll Castors
► Retraceable Aluminum Rod for Easy Storage
► Optional Use on Ironing Board



► Sleek Silver
► Elegant Black

Product Accessory


► Detachable Lint Brush


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