Massage Chair MC9000i

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Enjoy the first class experience with the novita M series® Massage Chair MC9000i and luxuriate into this spacious unit akin to the first class pleasure, welcoming you with an extravagance. Equipped with 32 Auto 3D Master Masseur massage programs and Smart Intelligence features that accurately targets the body’s 7 key essential focus regions, also engage your senses with 5 classic massage techniques perfected by a 3D mechatronic system with smart PCB control. Reinforced with 34 pairs of strategically positioned air pressure massage units that targets your key acupressure points, find serenity and give your body an ultimate rejuvenation session in the comfort of your homes with novita M Series® Massage Chair MC9000i.

The M Series® Massage Chair MC9000i

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  • The M Series® Massage Chair MC9000i
  • The M Series® Massage Chair MC9000i
  • The M Series® Massage Chair MC9000i
  • The M Series® Massage Chair MC9000i
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Optional Product Accessory

Technical Specifications


Upright Dimension (W x D x H)


850 mm x 1550 mm x 1200 mm

Reclined Dimension (W x D x H)


850 mm x 2000 mm x 990 mm

Approx. Net Weight


152 kg

Power Consumption


260 Watts

Rated Frequency


50/60 Hz

Rated Voltage


220 / 240 Volts

Safety Design


Class 1

Control Mode


Remote Control

Auto Timer


► 10 Minutes
► 20 Minutes
► 30 Minutes

Number of Air Pressure Units


34 Pairs

Colour Available


► Prestige White
► Grandeur Black

Standard Product Accessory


99.97% True HEPA Filter 

Optional Product Accessory


Eye & Temple Massager EM200 

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