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Enjoy 3D circulation coverage and seamless oscillation of up to 100o horizontally and 105o vertically. High functioning performance ensures effortlessly smooth and continuous air circulation throughout your living space to continuously maintain a cooled temperature. Designed to be adjustable for your needs, GreenFan™ F-2 can be your standing fan or compact desktop fan. Engineered with a long-lasting DC Brushless Motor system, F-2 is energy efficient, requiring just 2 watts power. Also 60% quieter than most conventional fans, the patent pending improved fan blade is invented to reduce air turbulence and wind resistance, channelling a greater airflow output through a streamlined airflow path of up to 8 metres. Optionally versatile with a rechargeable battery pack, a single charge gives you up to 16 hours of continuous usage, even outdoors. Configured with 26 comprehensive speed setting and Natural Wind mode, keep cool wherever you are with this lightweight and portable novita GreenFan F-2.

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Pre-Order GreenFan™ F-2 (Delivery/Collection from about Mid/End Mar 2018 onwards)

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Technical Specifications

Floor Standing Dimensions (W x D x H)


340 mm x 340 mm x 880 mm 

Desktop Dimension (W x D x H)


340 mm x 340 mm x 510 mm

Net Weight


4.3 kg

Power Consumption


2 to 15 Watts

Rated Voltage


DC 12 V, 3 A 

Fan Blade Diameter


12 Inch



Up to 968 RPM

Max. Air Speed


Up to 307.2 m/min

Horizontal Oscillation Angle


Approx. 100o

Vertical Oscillation Angle


Approx. 105o

Optional Accessories


Rechargeable Battery Pack


DC Adapter

Rated Input Voltage


DC 100 v to 240 V

Rated Input Frequency


50 / 60 Hz

Max. Input Electric Current


1.2 A

Rated Output Voltage


DC 12 V

Rated Output Electric Current


3.5 A

Power Cord Length


Approx 2.4 Metres

Safety Mark




Rated Input Voltage


DC 12 V



80 mm x 80 mm x 25 mm

Net Weight


35 g


Rechargeable Battery Pack (OPTIONAL)

Battery Type


Li-ion Battery Series

Rated Voltage


DC 12 V



4400 mAh (52.8 Wh)

Limited Charge Voltage


DC 14 V 

Battery Working Duration


On Standby: Up to 11 Days
Based on Lowest Speed: Up to 16 Hours
Based on Highest Speed: Up to 3.7 Hours 


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