Hot & Cold Water Dispenser NP3302

This product is covered under standard carry-in warranty for a period of 12 months commencing from the date of original purchase. Standard product installation service is not included.
Caution! This product is designed only for Direct-Piping Connector installation. It is not compatible for Tap-Faucet Connector installation.

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Conveniently get drinking water with the compact and ergonomic Novita Hot & Cold Water Dispenser NP3302. With an extremely friendly user interface, you can dispense your choice of hot, cold and room temperature water. Select either the HydroPlus® or HydroPure™ Filter and together with an advanced Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp for a 5-Step Ultra Filtration System. This convenience extends to the EzTwist® DIY Filter Replacement concept that only requires 3 quick and simple steps. A Filter Lifespan Indicator will prompt of timely filter replacement for the ideal purification standard. With a dispensing faucet arm that swings with the unit, you can even fill tall bottles without a hassle. Be surprised with the extra time regained while enjoying quality water at the same time!


Hot and Cold Water Dispenser NP3302

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  • Hot and Cold Water Dispenser NP3302
  • Hot and Cold Water Dispenser NP3302
  • Hot and Cold Water Dispenser NP3302
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Technical Specifications


Dimensions (W x D x H)


322 mm x 385 mm x 338 mm



15.0 kg

pH Range


► HydroPlus® Filter: 9.0 ± 0.5
► HydroPure™ Filter: 7.5 ± 0.5

Note: pH & ORP values/reduction may vary, subjected to nature of water source, chlorine concentration and filter usage.

ORP Reduction


► HydroPlus® Filter: 100 mV – 200 mV
► HydroPure™ Filter: Inherent from water source

Note: pH & ORP values/reduction may vary, subjected to nature of water source, chlorine concentration and filter usage.

Water Tank Capacity


► Hot Water Tank  : 1.0 Litre
► Cold Water Tank: 2.5 Litres

Water Temperature


► Hot Water  : 80°C to 98°C 
► Cold Water: 2°C to 8°C 

NOTE: Actual heating and cooling may vary due to environmental condition and temperature

Power Consumption


► Heater: 800 Watts
► Cooler: 100 Watts
► UVLamp: 6 Watts

Water Supply


Direct connection to piping

CAUTION: This product is designed for direct piping installation; not compatible to Tap-Faucet connector installation.

Heating Capacity


10 Litres/Hour

Usage Heating Capacity (95°C)


1 Litre/ 3 Mins

Cooling Capacity


2.5 Litres/Hour

Usage Cooling Capacity (5°C)


1 Litre/ 12 Mins




Applicable Water Inflow Pressure Range


170 - 400kPa

Applicable Water Inflow Rate


2.0 ± 0.25 litres/min

Filtration Capacity


► HydroPlus® Filter/ HydroPure™ with granular activated carbon filter
    Recommended replacement 4 Months/1200 Litres*
     * Based on average 10 litres a day usage
► Silver Carbon Block with Advanced Ultra Hollow Membrane
    Recommended replacement 4 Months/1200 Litres*
     *Based on average 10 litres a day usage
► Advanced Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp
     Recommended replacement 12 Months^
      *Based on average 24 hours a day, 7 days a week usage



► Glazy Black
► Elegant White

Subsequent Filter Replacement Pack


► NP3302 HydroPlus® 12 Months Filter Pack
► NP3302 HydroPure™ 12 Months Filter Pack

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NP3302 Installation & Set Up Video Guide 
Click the video for NP3302 direct pipe-in installation and unit set-up procedure.


NP3302 Filter & UV Lamp Replacement Video Guide
Click the video for Filter and UV Lamp replacement procedure.


Disconnecting NP3302 for Transportation Video Guide
Click the video for procedure to disconnect the NP3302 for transportation.