Standard Installation Service

Standard Installation Service Terms & Conditions:

  1. I understand that NP313, NP330, NP335, NP3301, NP3302 and NP9901 purchases include 1-year standard carry-in warranty and do not include installation service.
  2. I understand that NP3310i, NP9930, NP9932i, NP9938i, NP9960i and NP10000 purchases include 1-year standard onsite warranty and one-time delivery/ standard installation to a single location during normal operating hours.
  3. The standard installation service will take place during normal operating hours: Monday to Friday Time:
    1000 hrs – 1300 hrs/ 1400 hrs – 1800 hrs. Additional charges of S$30 apply for standard installation during non-standard operating hours: Monday to Friday Time: from 18:00 onwards and during Weekends. There will be no installation service provided on Public Holidays.
  4. The installation service should only be conducted by qualified service technician/installer by novita or authorized outsource installation service by Remus Services.
  5. I am aware that the standard installation must be within 3 metres from water inlet, 2 metres from water outlet* and 1.5 metres from power source, and it cannot be installed on marble, ceramic, glass and concrete table top due to limitation.
  6. I am aware that faucet installation is only applicable for water ionizer installation. Hot & cold water dispenser and countertop water purifier is not designed/compatible for faucet installation.

    a. Water ionizer faucet installation has to be near a sink, most commonly seated on the kitchen table top. This is to enable the diverter lever to be easily switched between tap water and ionized water.
    b. Water ionizer faucet installation is not suitable for Designer Tap, No Threading Tap, Sensor Type Tap and Extension/Spray Tap.

    Note: The following types of water tap is NOT compatible for standard faucet installation. If you are using any of the followings, please ensure the water tap is replaced before faucet installation can be proceeded.

  7. The standard installation excludes re-wiring of cable, trucking, drilling of concrete & cement wall; as well as non-standard parts like water tap, washer splitter and copper pipe that may be required.
  8. Wall mounting is applicable for NP9901, NP9930, NP9932i, NP 9932, NP9938i & NP10000 only.
  9. For any non-standard installation service, please seek Authorized Outsource Installation Services – Remus Services at 9852 6040 for quotation directly.
  10. I understand that I will be contacted via email/SMS within 3 to 5 working day from receipt of my novita standard installation service order to proceed with my self- booking installation schedule. And that the expected installation schedule may possibly be about 14 days or later in anticipation of expected peak period.
  11. I am aware there may be some water dispensed from the water ionizer's water outlet hose during installation. This could be the remaining water left behind from the quality control testing process at the factory.
  12. I understand that the installation is only carried out with my consent.
  13. I am aware that there is a cancellation fee (filter pack + installation cost), payable in CASH/CHEQUE to 9 Koi Marketing Pte Ltd for any refund of purchase after installation and commencement for novita Water Ionizer, Hot & Cold Water Dispenser and Countertop Water Purifier due to unforeseen situation. The condition of the product must be unused and in its original packaging, along with all accessories or user manuals which came with it. Please refer to the table below for the cancellation fee of each model.

    Product Model Filter Pack Cost Standard Installation Cost Cancellation Fee
    NP9901 S$180 for Standard Advanced Ultra-Hollow Membrane Filter S$60 S$240
    NP9930/NP9932/NP9960 S$230 for Standard Advanced Ultra-Hollow Membrane Filter S$60 S$290
    NP9932i/NP9938i/NP9960i/NP10000 S$250 for Hi-Performance Advanced Ultra-Hollow Membrane Filter S$60 S$310
    NP313/NP330/NP3302/NP3360/NP3310/NP3310i S$365 for HydroPlus® or HydroPure™ Filter Pack S$60 S$425
    NP3301 S$300 for HydroPlus® or HydroPure™ Filter Pack S$60 S$360
    NP335/NP388US S$365 for HydroPlus® or HydroPure™ Filter Pack S$100 S$465
  14. I am aware that 9 Koi Marketing Pte Ltd will not be liable for any restoration/recovery works for any refund of purchases after installation.
  15. I am aware that I will not be entitled to the Trade-in promotion and have to top up the price difference if I am unable to provide supporting documents or Trade-in unit.
  16. All information is accurate at the point of published. Novita reserves all rights to amend the terms & conditions without prior notice.