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Refurbished Set – AirCare Air Sterilizer NAS200

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Novita AirCare™ Air Sterilizer NAS200 is equipped with Advanced Mica Corona Discharge Technology for active air sterilization and deodorisation. Producing controlled ozone concentration, NAS200 works to eliminate airborne germs and unpleasant odour with its incredible oxidation capacity. Convenient to use and effectively portable with its plug-and-go design, you can look forward to quality air just about anywhere!


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    Advanced Mica Corona Discharge Technology. Dedicated system function. 

    Equipped with Advanced Mica Corona Discharge Technology, NAS200 is great for air sterilization and deodorisation.Producing controlled ozone concentration, NAS200 oxidizes and weakens the cell membrane and protein coat of airborne germs to eliminate them while at the same time working to remove unpleasant odour.



    Ozone Intensity Regulator. Appropriate concentration adjustment. 

    To get started, simply select the appropriate emission mode, match your intended coverage area and leave it to work.Rotate the turn-knob to select your desired ozone emission in Low, Medium or High Mode. For optimum performance, match the selected mode in accordance to your intended coverage area.



    Portable and Handy. Convenient and easy to use. 

    Plug into any power socket around your home or workplace and sit back to enjoy good indoor air quality!Using the NAS200 is a breeze with the plug-and-go design and single turn-knob control. With no complicated setup and usage instructions, you can use it just about anytime, anywhere!