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NP2210 Replacement Filter

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For Water Pitcher NP2210

3 x NP2210 Filter

4 Step Water Purification
Step 1: Micro SieverRust, fluid, dregs, sediments & foreign particles are removed as water passes through pores of 1 -5 microns 
Step 2: Ion-Exchange Resin (IER) Filter Heavy metal ions are removed and water is soften for readily acceptance into the body. 
Step 3: Silver Activated Carbon (SAC) • Intensive ‘Adsorptive’ Filtration
• Anti-Bacterial Silver Impregnation
• Remove residual chlorine
• Remove VOC
• Deodorization
Step 4:HydroPlus®• Natural ceramic materials and mineral oxides produce Alkaline Antioxidant Water to promote pH balance.
• Body is also better hydrated with energy water of smaller water molecule cluster size.