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Water Ionizer Service Maintenance

It is recommended to perform service maintenance to the unit once every twenty-four (24) months* to remove and prevent any possible minerals deposition inside the unit for the best optimum performance, to prolong unit’s lifespan and to ensure unit’s general hygiene.

Service Maintenance Includes:

  • Service maintenance for the electrolytic chamber and the platinised titanium electrode plates.
  • To check and re-calibrate the processor with electrolytic chamber, for all water levels.
  • To check and test water output with scientific meter and testing reagent.
  • To perform general cleaning and upkeeping of both unit’s interior and exterior.
  • To perform unit descaling* and clean unit’s interior to ensure no residual descaling agent.
  • To conduct checks on both internal and external piping connection to ensure no leakages.
  • To check and ensure all parts^ and functions are in good working condition and order.
  • Inclusive of transportation, labour and servicing fee.

Maintenance service is only available on Monday to Friday, between 0900 hrs – 1300 hrs or 1400 hrs – 1800 hrs. Appointment will be scheduled within 3 to 5 working days.

*Descaling requirement is subjected to nature of water source and degree of mineral deposition.
^For any parts replacement, additional charges may apply.