HydroPlus H/C Water Dispenser NP9912 with UV Lamp Upgrade

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Novita HydroPlus® Hot/Cold Water Dispenser NP9912 is a chic addition for the home and office with its distinctive color options. The tabletop unit packs a 7-stage comprehensive filtration with the Sediment Filter, Pre-Carbon Filer, Post-Carbon Filter, Ultra Hollow Membrane Filter and UltraViolet Germicidal Lamp to remove impurities, contaminants and any unpleasant odor while the HydroPlus® Filter and Booster work to enhance the water with alkaline anti-oxidant properties and energy water of smaller molecule cluster size.

Designed with your convenience in mind, you can dispense hot, cold and room temperature water instantly from the 3-in-1 dispensing faucet. Other thoughtful features include the option for auto dispensing, re-boil and smart selection for 6 keep warm modes.

HydroPlus H/C Water Dispenser NP9912 with UV Lamp Upgrade

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Hot/Cold/Room temperature water. 3-in-1 convenience.

With just one touch of the button, you can concoct your favourite hot beverages, enjoy a cold drink or simply drink to quench your thirst!

It can be frustrating when water runs out just when you least expected it. With NP9912, there is complete peace of mind as hot/cold/room temperature water is always made available when you need it without the need for separate boiling or chilling.



Smart select keep warm mode. Set your preferred hot water temperature.

Choose from the 6 different keep warm temperatures according to your needs!

6 keep warm temperatures of 100°C, 90°C, 85°C, 80°C, 70°C and 60°C, let you hold water at a specific temperature and help to save energy at the same time.  Power to the unit is shut off and the water is kept at the selected temperature by the thermal insulation built into the water heater.



HydroPlus® Alkaline Antioxidant Water. More than just purified water.

Providing 4 additional benefits to your purified water, you definitely get more out of every sip!

With the addition of HydroPlus® elements in NP9912, you enjoy HydroPlus® Alkaline Antioxidant Water that alkalize body, slow down oxidation, hydrate better, energise and revitalise and detoxify.

Drink up and feel the difference!



Technical Specifications


Dimensions (W x D x H)


260 x 540 x 580 mm

Net Weight


15 kg

pH Range


pH 9 ± 0.5

ORP Reduction


100mV – 200 mV

Note: pH & ORP reduction may vary subjected to nature of water source.

Water Tank Capacity


► Hot Water Tank: 1.4 litres
► Cold Water Tank: 1.7 litres
► Room Temperature Water Tank: 5.0 litres

Power Consumption


► Heater 560 Watts
► Cooler 150 Watts




Applicable Water Inflow Pressure Range


3.0 kgf / cm²

Filtration Capacity


≥ 20 litres / hr



► Elegant White
► Bold Red
► Classic Silver
► Dark Silver

Product Accessory


NP 9912F (12-Months Filter Pack)


7 Step Water Purification


Step 1: Sediment Siever


► Traps suspended substances, rust and sediments etc

Step 2: Pre-Carbon Filter


► Improve color and taste of water while removing odor
► Doubles up as an anti-bacterial element to inhibit the growth of bacteria within the filter

Step 3: HydroPlus® Filter


► Emits Far Infrared Ray to form energy water to promote metabolism and blood circulation
► Produces Antioxidant properties to eliminate free radicals
► Smaller water molecule size for better hydration benefits with higher solubility and permeability
► Increase pH to alkaline level to neutralize acidic waste

Step 4: HydroPlus® Booster


► Provide additional dose of HydroPlus® goodness
► Further enhance water with alkaline antioxidant properties and energy water of smaller water molecule cluster size

Step 5: Post-Carbon Filter


► Remove agrichemicals, disinfections and any other harmful chemicals in source water.
► Enhance anti-bacterial effects with impregnated silver

Step 6: Ultra Hollow Membrane Filter


► Traps and eliminate bacteria, algae, fungi, micro-organisms and lead up to particle size of 0.01 microns

Step 7: UltraViolet (UV) Germicidal Lamp


► Produces UVC for effective water disinfection by eliminating a wide range of micro-organisms such as virus, bacteria, protozoa, alage, yeast, cryptosporidium and giardia with no residual remains and harmful by-products

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