Insect Killer NK30W

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Regular Price: S$168.00

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The improved novita Insect Killer NK30W is designed for handy usage and encompasses a high coverage up to 300 square feet. The removable collection tray allows for convenient maintenance. NK30W can free-stand, wall mounted or suspended/hanged according to individual’s preference. Emitting harmless Black UV Light, it attracts flying insects towards it to safely and efficiently eliminate these harmful pests by the electrically charged metal grids. Actively captivating mosquitoes and pesky insects, this effective and practical NK30W works to keep you and your loved ones safe and worry-free.

Insect Killer NK30W

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UV (Black) light. Harmless to human, effective on insects & mosquitoes. 

UV (Black) light which attracts insects is safe for the environment and harmless to human.

UV-A , also known as Black Light is a long-wave ultraviolet light in the 315 to 400 nm range. It is also the only UV-A light that is harmless to the human body and is proven to be the most attractive to insects and pests.


Removable collection tray. Easy maintenance.

Cleaning & maintenance is a breeze with the removable collection tray!

Removable collection tray allows for easy maintenance and comes along with a safety mechanism that instantly deactivates unit when the tray is removed or not placed properly.



300 square feet coverage. Maximum protection coverage.

Effective for attracting and trapping flying insects over a large coverage, NK30W gives you and your loved ones all-round protection at any time of the day.

Keep pesky insects and mosquitoes at bay and offer your family an insect-free living environment.




Technical Specifications


Dimensions (W x D x H)


490 mm x 97 mm x 310 mm



4.2 kg

Power consumption


40 Watts

UV Tube Wattage


2 x 15 Watts

Recommended Coverage


Up to 300 ft² or 27m²

UV Light


Black UV-A Light

Collection Tray


Removable Collection Tray



► Silver

Product Accessory


Wall Mount Chain