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2-in-1 GreenFan® F-1 Triple Pack

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HydroPlus® Water Pitcher NP2290UF

Enhanced With Certified Advanced Ultra Hollow Membrane

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To Kick Start, Get A Brand New Filter $180
+ Standard Installation $60
+ Admin Fee $30

Augment your drinking experience with the unique and vibrant novita HydroPlus® Water Pitcher from the Melanite Series! Unlike conventional designs, this is novita’s first ever water pitcher with a black-based colour tone, all the more accentuating its vibrant streak of colour on the handle. Embodying elegance, wellness and convenience, quality drinking water is now at your fingertips! Now enhanced with certified advanced ultra-hollow membrane and giving you more with 4 rewarding HydroPlus® properties – alkaline water, hydrogen water, hydrating water and oxygenizing water. A cut above the rest, set the trend now and drink quality water the savvy way.



HydroPlus® Water Pitcher NP2290 is novita’s first ever water pitcher collection that comes in a captivating prism of individual colours together with matching cups! It is the object to look out for with its 3-step filtration process which ensures quality water. Together with 4 rewarding HydroPlus® properties – alkaline water, hydrogen water, hydrating water and oxygenizing water, indulge in an enriching drinking experience! Turn on your tap, fill the pitcher with water, and get quality water with minimal time, effort and electricity. Be enchanted by the difference in one simple step.