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20’’ Hi-Flow Commercial Water Filtration System W2

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HydroPlus® Water Pitcher NP3290UF

Enhanced With Certified Advanced Ultra Hollow Membrane

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Augment your drinking experience with the unique and vibrant novita HydroPlus® Water Pitcher from the Melanite Series! Unlike conventional designs, this is novita’s first ever water pitcher with a black-based colour tone, all the more accentuating its vibrant streak of colour on the handle. Embodying elegance, wellness and convenience, quality drinking water is now at your fingertips! Now enhanced with certified advanced ultra-hollow membrane and giving you more with 4 rewarding HydroPlus® properties – alkaline water, hydrogen water, hydrating water and oxygenizing water. A cut above the rest, set the trend now and drink quality water the savvy way.



Presence of unpleasant anti-contamination agent in water may affect the natural taste of your drinking water and even give your food or beverages an undesirable taste. Providing your F & B business, offices or homes with quality drinking water instantly, novita 20” Hi-Flow Commercial Water Filtration System W2 helps enhance the taste, fragrance and natural colours of your dishes and drinks! Equipped with a high flow rate of up to 6L/min and a filter capacity of 50,000 litres, W2 is powered by a comprehensive 8-Step Ultra-Filtration System and an advanced ultra-hollow membrane filter which efficiently eliminate 99.9% of residual chlorine and waterborne contaminants with a nominal size of up to 0.1 micron. Beyond meeting your daily operation's water needs, W2 helps minimise any hassle as it incorporates a simple DIY EzTwist® filter replacement concept and adopts a plug-free and tankless design while also including a Dual O-ring to assure of leakage protection. With this Commercial Water Filtration System W2, you can offer your valuable guests or diners quality drinking water every day!


Hi Flow

High Filtration


Dual O-Ring
LEakage Protection


99.9% of
Bacteria Removal

No Electricity

Prolongs your
equipment lifespan


99.9% Chlorine

Maintenance Costs

Filter replacement


Quality water GOODNESS

Removes ≥ 99% of residual chlorine to improve taste and retain natural flavours of food and beverages. The 8-Step 0.1 μm Ultra-Filtration system ensures water is consistent, clean for food or beverage preparation. Prevents any secondary or cross contamination with ≥ 99.99% bacteria removal.


Installed neatly under the sink to keep your counter-top clutter free, this plug-free W2 is the only filtration system you need to provide quality drinking water to meet the daily operation's water needs and more!

Regain Precious Time

Offering you an instant and continuous supply of quality purified water, save time and enjoy greater convenience with the simple DIY EzTwist® filter replacement concept.

Reduce spending

At only $0.02/litre with no electricity required translates to greater convenience and a reduced utility bill. Lessen equipment maintenance cost with the inbuilt scale inhibitor that reduces scaling. Also quicken the heating time with scale-free heating elements that reduces operation costs.

With DIY EzTwist® Filter Replacement, You Don’t Have To

Book, arrange, or rebook for repeated filter replacement service

Set aside time and wait for the filter replacement to be done

Provide and give your details for documentation

Wait for the serviceman to arrive at the scheduled appointment time

Pay a service fee each time you need to replace the filters


Application UsAGE

Presence of unpleasant anti-contamination agent in water may affect the natural taste of your drinking water and even give your food or beverages an undesirable taste. novita Commercial Water Filtration System W2 delivers clean quality drinking water instantly to your F & B business, offices and homes! Enhancing the contemporary dining experience with even more appealing dishes and fragrant beverages, novita W2 also aids to protect your expensive equipment lifetime and lower yearly maintenance cost at the same time!

For Coffee & Hot Tea

Brewing a good cup of coffee and specialty teas rely on the quality of the ingredients used, including water. Enhancing the taste, aroma and full flavour, quality water gives a good crafted cup of coffee of tea which can elevate the drinker’s mood.

For Ice Makers

Reducing excess chlorine taste and smell, novita W2 also removes sediment particles that can clog distribution tubes and solenoid valves. Reducing scale build-up on the evaporator plates, it also aids to lower maintenance cost and likelihood of ice bin corrosion.

For Espresso Machines

Water is a variable that baristas can control to brew the perfect cup of coffee and also prolong the equipment life. novita W2 removes undesirable odour and residual chlorine in your water supply which can give a bitter taste and compete with the coffee’s aromatic fragrance.

For Beverage Makers

Hard water with high mineral content can affect the colour and flavour of beverages. Removing waterborne contaminants, sediment particles and odour from the water can better bring out the drink’s natural flavours and reduce clouding.

For Steamers, Combi Ovens
& Rotisserie Ovens

Lime scale and mineral deposits from hard water can damage your appliances and heating coils. Aiding to reduce TDS (total dissolved solids), novita W2 also helps prolong your equipment life, lower maintenance costs and excessive energy consumption levels.

For Beverage
Dispensing Systems

Avoid contamination and protect the internal workings of your dispensers with novita W2. Reducing high turbidity and maintaining the consistency and quality of your beverages, it also aids to prolong the equipment life for continued usage.

For Dishwashers
& Dishes

Hard water build up can affect your dishwasher’s performance and sometimes leave a cloudy white residue on dishes. novita W2 breaks down hard water and its overly high mineral content to avoid limescale situation.

For Food

Water is essential for washing, rinsing, soaking and cooking. novita W2 retains the freshness of your ingredients, removes residual dirt and chemicals and enhances the vibrancy of the dish.

Application Fields

Food & Beverages


Hospitality & Lodging


Education facilities

healthcare professional


Step 1 : Pre-Sediment
Step 2 : Pre-Carbon
Step 3 : Granular Activated Carbon
Step 4 : Post-Sediment
Step 5 : Antibacterial Ball
Step 6 : SA Ball
Step 7 : Post Granular Activated Carbon
Step 8 : UF Membrane

Note: Images shown are non-contractual meant solely for better illustration purposes only.


Dimension ( W x D x H ): 230 mm x 117 mm x 567 mm
Weight: 4.2 Kg
Filter 1: Granular Activated Carbon Filter
Filter 2: UF with Enhanced Carbon Block Filter
Applicable Operating Temperature: 0.6°C to 37°C
Applicable Water Inflow Operating Pressure: 30-120 PSI
Maximum Flow Rate: 6.0L/min
Minimum Flow Rate: 2.0L/min
Filtration Capacity: 50,000 litres (based on Chlorine removal) or 24 months