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AirCare Supreme™ Air Ionizer NAI9000

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NAI 9000

Redefines Air Quality Control

novita AirCare™ Supreme Air Ionizer NAI 9000 exudes grace and exhibits the beauty of timeless elegance. Equipped with dual technology of Electron Spray Ionization and Plasma Corona Discharge, NAI 9000 purifies and sterilizes the air without the need for filters and other consumable parts. The advanced combination of abundance negative ions and controlled ozone eliminates airborne germs such as bacteria and viruses. NAI 9000 also help to eliminate dust, haze, unpleasant odour and other airborne contaminants to refresh the air. For good and safe indoor air quality at all times, novita AirCare™ Supreme Air Ionizer NAI9000.



Super Oxidizer


*NAI 9000 produces more than 25 millions of Negative Ions per cm³ consisting of Superoxide Anion (O2¯), Hydroperoxyl Radical (HOO¯) & Hydroxide Radical (OH¯). 


1. Advanced Dual
Technology System

Equipped with dual technology of Advanced Electron Spray Ionization & Advanced Plasma Corona Discharge, NAI 9000 combines the use of negative ions and ozone for good and safe air quality at all times.

2.Semi Permanent

With no need for filters and other consumable parts, there is little to take care of except for the basic cleaning of the Plasma Corona Discharge Unit.

3. Silent

NAI 9000 is effectively quiet with its fan-less operation.

4. Power

There is no need to fret over electrical bill with NAI 9000’s low power consumption of 6 watts.

5. Minimalist

Streamlined and simply understated, the design of NAI 9000 exudes grace & exhibits the beauty of timeless elegance.

6. LED Ambience

Subtle backlight creates the perfect indoor ambience while also adding a sophisticated touch to NAI 9000.

7. Touch Sensor button with
colour display

It is a breeze to operate NAI 9000 when all it takes is a simple touch of the touch sensor button. Green LED light indicates operation in purification mode while blue LED light indicates that NAI 9000 is in sterilizing mode. There will be no LED light when it is switched off.

Advanced dual technology system

Mode 1: Purification

Purification is achieved by adopting the Advanced Electron Spray Ionization Technology. NAI 9000 generates more than 25 millions Negative Ions per cm³ of Superoxide Anions (O2¯), Hydroperoxyl Radicals (HOO¯) and Hydroxide Radicals (OH¯) to produce clean and fresh air quality through the elimination of airborne germs like bacteria, viruses & fungi and airborne allergens like dust mites, pet dander and haze particulates. Furthermore, Negative Ions also neutralises positive ions which are constantly produced from electronic appliances. These Positive Ions can cause depression and lethargy which affects our concentration and emotional health.

Quick notes: The nasal hair in our nostrils being the only air filtering channel in our body is unable to filter airborne allergens and germs below 10 micrometer. Inhaling of these pollutants could possibly result in allergic symptoms and respiratory conditions.

Mode 2: Purification + Sterilization

Adopt DUAL Technology of Advanced Electron Spray Ionization and Plasma Corona Discharge to produce a smart combination of more than 25 millions of Negative Ions per cm³ and effective Ozone (O3) concentration within 0.05 ppm to eliminates airborne germs like viruses, bacteria and fungi as well as allergens and unpleasant odour present in the air. NAI 9000 works to reduce and prevent allergic, respiratory reactions and health conditions.

Quick notes: Virus which cause up to 80% of all respiratory illnesses, can be spread via expelling airborne aerosol droplets through coughing and sneezing.

 Improve air quality

Quality of indoor air is greatly improved with the elimination of airborne allergens such as dust mites, pet dander and haze particulates and airborne germs such as bacteria and viruses from the air we breathe. Air quality is further enhanced with the removal of unpleasant odour and unwanted positive ions in the air to provide you with fresh and clean air quality.

Eliminate germs & viruses
that cause illnesses

Respiratory and common ailments such as fever, sore throat, cough and flu can be prevented by eliminating the germs & viruses before they start to spread.

Prevent allergy

Occurrence of allergic reaction is minimised as airborne contaminants that can cause irritations are removed.

Prevent formation of
mold & mildew

Negative Ions intercept mold and mildew spores and remove them from the air before they have the chance to grow and multiply.


By creating an overall calming effect, Negative Ions can help to relieve stress and anxiety.


Often present in natural fresh air, Negative Ions help to boost energy level and increase alertness.


Plasma Corona Discharge technology produces effective Ozone (O3) concentration to clean indoor air quickly and effectively.


Breathe in fresh smelling air as lingering odours such as cigarette smoke, pet odour, cooking odour and other household odours are promptly removed.


Positive ions which are constantly produced by electronic appliances may leads to depression and lethargy which affects our concentration and emotional health. However, with Negative Ions, it neutralizes these positive ions and help to alleviate the depression and lethargy with its calming effects.

the common types of indoor airborne contaminants

Size: 0.003 – 0.05 μm 

• Small respiratory droplets that become aerosolized when an infected person sneezes or coughs

Size: 1 – 100 μm 

• Wall-to-wall carpet
• Blinds
• Down-filled blankets
• Feather pillows
• Heating vents with forced hot air
• Dogs and cats
• Closets full of clothes

Size: 1 – 100 μm

• Outdoor/ Indoor plants
• From grasses, trees, flowers and weeds

Tobacco Smoke
Size: 0.01 to 1 μm 

• Cigarette
• Tobacco pipes
• Cigars

Haze Particulates
Size: ≤ 2.5 µm 

• Agriculture fires
• Fine dust, particulates and smoke accumulates in relatively dry air

Mold Spores
Size: 10 – 30 μm

• Survives under harsh environmental conditions or dry conditions

Size: 0.3 – 30 μm

 • Toilet
• Kitchen/Pantry
• Sponges
• Garbage disposal
• Dish towel

Animal Dander
Size: Approx. 2.5 μm

• From pets
• Sticky and light, it easily attaches itself to clothes, shoes, and hair 

Plant Spores
Size: 10 – 30 μm

• Outdoor/ Indoor Plants
• Typically transported between plants either by insects or wind 

Skin Flakes
5-10 microns

• Mattress
• Pillow
• Long-fibred carpets
• Upholstered furniture  

Textile fibres
Size: 10 – 1000 μm

• Natural sources (animal fur, plant based and insect cocoons)
• Synthetic methods that uses polymer-based materials 

Dust Mites
Size: 100 – 300 μm

• Carpets
• Soft/plush toys
• Beddings
• Upholstered furniture