Aircare™ Car Sterilizer NASC1000


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Enjoy fresh and clean air on the go in your car with novita aircare™ Car Sterilizer NASC1000, a portable and compact unit designed for convenience and the utmost user experience! Keep away from harmful airborne germs, allergens and unpleasant odour with its QuinSystem™ Technology and freshen up your indoor air quality with the millions of negative ions produced. Smartly equipped with a DC Brushless Motor System and an Air Quality Sensor which provides a quick indication of surrounding air quality, you can also activate maximum air sterilization capacity and surface sanitization while you are elsewhere when you turn on the Away mode. Let this handy novita aircare™ Car Sterilizer NASC1000 surround you with optimum indoor air quality and beyond.

Aircare™ Car Sterilizer NASC1000

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Technical Specifications


Dimensions (W x D x H)


208 mm x 156 mm x 56 mm

Empty Weight


550 g

Power Consumption


17 Watts

Rated Voltage


DC 12 V

Control Panel


Sensitive Touch Panel

Fan Speed


Low | High

Noise Level


< 42 dB | < 48 dB

Air Flow Rate


10 m3/ hr | 16 m3/ hr

Recommended Coverage


± 4 m3

Filter Unit Capacity


12 Months / 360* Hours

Negative Ion Density+


≥ 10 Million/cm3

Ozone Emission at Away Mode
(CAUTION: Not for use in occupied car)


± 0.1 ppm

Product Features


► QuinSystem™ Technology 
► Granular Activated Carbon Filter
► 99.97% True HEPA Filter
► Advanced UV Nano Photocatalytic-oxidation 
► Advanced Electron Spray Ionization
► Advanced Corona Discharge
► Away Mode (CAUTION: Not for use in occupied car)
► DC Brushless Motor System
► Air Quality Sensor
► Air Quality Sensor Light Indicator
► Dual Fan Speed Mode
► Smart Built-in Operation Timer
► Dual USB Port
► Operational Ease
► Portable & Handy Design

Test Results


Air Purification

► 99.99% of Total Airborne Yeast & Mold Count within 10 minutes.
► 99.97% of PM2.5 Respiratory Suspended Particulates* within 10 minutes.
► 95.95% of Cigarette Smoke^ within 15 minutes. 


Surface Sanitization

► 99.99% of E.Coli and Salmonella within 15 minutes.
► 99.99% of MRSA within 30 minutes.
► 99.94% of Mold within 15 minutes.
► 98.80% of Yeast within 30 minutes.

*Haze particulates is tested based on PM2.5.
^Cigarette smoke is tested for nicotine.
□Actual removal efficiency rate would be better than what is stated due to limitation of analytical equipment.
All tests are conducted in specific condition for testing analysis and measurement purposes. Actual result may vary due to environmental and usage condition.

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