Fraud Blocker Bundle of 4: Anti-Bacterial Micro-Mist Filter (For NH659) - novita SG

Bundle of 4: Anti-Bacterial Micro-Mist Filter (For NH659)

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For Humidifier NH659

Each box includes:

1 x Anti-Bacterial Micro-Mist Filter

The novita anti-bacteria micro-mist filter softens and sterilizes the water that enters the tank to produce fine and microscopic bacteria-free mist to humidify the air. When water is poured through, it restructured at an ionic level and is soften by demineralization. This aids in intensive filtration and fine ultrasonic humidification.
The filter can be attached onto the given water tank cap. To change the filter, unscrew it in an anti-clockwise direction.
For best results, replace the novita anti-bacteria micro-mist filter every ninety (90) days.

Caution: DO NOT use in conjunction with novita essential oil blend. Only appropriate for use in specific novita humidifiers.