Aroma Diffuser NA300

Trendy Composed Delight

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novita PureScent Aroma Diffuser NA300 brings great delight with its trendy design and refreshing colours in sky blue, neon pink, gloss black and sleek white. Unique LED Ambience Lights set the mood as it changes gradually while diffusing aroma-therapeutic scents into the environment. Exclusive 4-way control dial starts or stops the unit, regulates mist volume, offers the option to adjust LED lights and allows setting of mist output in 30 seconds interval or continuously. Easy to use and perfect for any living space, this dainty unit is definitely a keeper!

Aroma Diffuser NA300

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Ultrasonic Technology. High performance, effective diffusion.

Still using the traditional candle heated burners? It’s time for an upgrade with NA 300!

Overcome the limitations of traditional candle heated burners and the danger of a naked flame with NA 300.

The nebulizer in the water tank breaks down essential oil into microscopic droplets for better absorption and greater therapeutic values so you inhale only the pure goodness of the aroma-therapeutic scents.


Auto off safety. Intelligent power cut off.

A scatterbrain sometimes? Well, you don’t have to worry with the auto off safety feature!

With a built-in sensor, NA 300 intelligently shuts off when the water level falls below the safety level to prevent risk and damage to the unit and user.



LED Ambience lights. Set the mood, feel the difference.

Looking for something to suit your ever changing mood? Look no further!

NA 300 displays an array of vivid colours that change automatically every few seconds. With the option to pause at your favourite coloured lighting, these creative LEDs light up any environment to create the perfect ambience every time!



Technical Specifications


Dimensions (W x D x H)


125 mm x 125 mm x 136 mm

Empty Weight



Diffusion Technology


Ultrasonic Technology

Recommended Coverage


Up to 150 sq. ft. or 14 m²

Water Tank Capacity


50 ml

Power Consumption


12 Watts

Continuous Diffusion


Up to 240 mins



► Sky Blue
► Neon Pink
► Sleek White
► Gloss Black



► Operational Ease
► Exclusive 4-Way Control Dial
► Scent Regulator
► Night Lamp
► Mist Timer
► Sleep Mode
► Auto-Off Safety Device

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