Pre-Order 4-In-1 Air Purifier A4S (Delivery/Collection from about 30 Oct onwards)

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Regular Price: S$899.00

Special Price S$599.00

Harmonizing science and innovation, breathe confidently with the novita 4-In-1 Air Purifier A4S! Powered by a DC brushless motor system, this versatile unit Purifies, Humidifies, Ionizes and Sanitizes all at once, to satisfy your diverse air quality needs. Driven by the PuriPRO® filtration system and evaporation technology, it works to effectively eliminate airborne allergens and germs, all while improving the humidity level for a comfortable and healthier living

Complementing with the novita Air Purifying Solution Concentrate, formulated with the NSF certified and EPA registered active ingredient from USA, it proactively sanitizes the air by oxidizing 99.99% bacteria & virus through the humidification function, to protect you and your loved ones!

Featuring a high air flow rate of 600m3/hr and coverage area of 60 m2, A4S is packed with user-friendly features like PM 2.5 Display, Particle Sensor, Air Quality Sensor Light Indicator, 3 Programmed Modes, 5 Speed Settings, Energy Saving Smart Night Mode and many more!

Breathe Safe, Breathe Clean, Breathe Well with A4S, the ideal all-in-one air purifier for your living space all day, every day! 


Pre-order Special

Pre-Order 4-In-1 Air Purifier A4S (Delivery/Collection from about 30 Oct onwards)

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Technical Specifications


Dimensions (W x D x H)

   401 mm x 232 mm x 662 mm    

Empty Weight

   11.3 kg   

Fan Speed 

  Sleep Low Medium High Turbo

Power Consumption

  13 W 17 W 29 W 47 W 99 W

Air Flow Rate 

  170 m3/hr 210 m3/hr  330 m3/hr 430 m3/hr 600 m3/hr

Recommended Coverage
 The recommended coverage area is based on normal domestic indoor environmental usage. 

  17 m2 21 m 33 m 43 m 60 m

Humidification Rate 

   Up to 220 ml/hr   

Continuous Humidification^
 The humidification rate may vary subjected to environmental condition, indoor temperature and humidity level. 

   Up to 4.5 Hours (Based on High Fan Speed Setting)    

Tank Capacity 

   1 Litre   

Noise Level

   38 to 65 dB   

CADR (Particulate)
 The clean air delivery rate (CADR) in terms of Smoke (PM2.5) removal is performed in accordance to GB/T 18801-2015 Standard. CFM unit is equivalent to ft3/min, m3/hr unit is derived from CFM conversion. Based on novita PM2.5 filter. 

   282 CFM / 480 m3/hr   

PuriClean™ Complete Filtration System


Step 1: Washable Mesh Filter
Step 2: Cool Catalyst Filter
Step 3: Granular Activated Carbon Filter
Step 4: 99.97% True HEPA Filter
Step 5: 9Humidifying Filter
Step 6: Built-in Ionizer (Semi Permanent)
Step 7: novita Air Purifying Solution Concentrate (Optional)   

Filter Unit Capacity

  • 3-in-1 Filter (Cool Catalyst + Granular Activated Carbon + 99.97% True HEPA) 
  • Suggested Replacement 24 Months (Approx. 9,000 hours*)
  • Humidifying Filter 
  • Suggested Replacement 12 Months

Negative Ion Density+
 Negative ion density measured is based from source emission. 

   Up to 60 million/ cm3   

Optional Product Accessory

   novita Air Purifying Solution Concentrate   

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