AirCare Pro™ Air/Surface Sterilizer NAS12000 Twin Pack with FOC Redemption Filter x 2

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Powered by QuadSystem™ Technology, the novita AirCare Pro™ Air/Surface Sterilizer NAS12000 demonstrates its competence by efficiently sterilizing and eliminating 99.99% of total airborne bacteria, yeast and mold within 3 minutes. Also endowed with a powerful surface sanitization performance, 99.99% of surface-bound E.Coli & Salmonella is removed within 15 minutes. Giving a CADR rating of 295 CFM - 501m3/hr based on PM2.5 filter to remove 2.5 microns smoke particles, the NAS12000 proves its purifying efficiency standard. Depend on this air sterilizer to effectively purify, ionize and sterilize your surrounding air for the highest air security protection and a complete surface sanitization today! Be assured of complete air quality management with the SmartControl App that allows you to freely operate the unit anytime, anywhere at your convenience. With this same app, you can command the unit and operate its key feature “Away” mode for a thorough air sterilization or surface sanitization at pre-set coverage areas and scheduled hours, even when you are not physically present. Effectively eliminating airborne bacteria and viruses that may easily transmit and deposit over a large coverage area, this air sterilizer is used in homes, clinics, childcare centres and offices. And together with other features you desire, trust in the novita AirCare Pro™ Air/Surface Sterilizer NAS12000 to give optimum and protected indoor air and beyond every day.

*FOC Filter strictly by redemption basis only*
* Read Terms and Conditions here

AirCare Pro™ Air/Surface Sterilizer NAS12000 Twin Pack with FOC Redemption Filter x 2

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Technical Specifications


Net Weight


10 Kg

Dimensions (W x D x H)


400 mm x 247 mm x 681 mm




Speed Setting


► Turbo
► High
► Medium
► Medium
► Silent

Power Consumption


► 100 Watts
► 75 Watts
► 66 Watts
► 56 Watts
► 54 Watts

Air Flow Rate


► 600 m³/hr
► 530 m³/hr
► 480 m³/hr
► 400 m³/hr
► 380 m³/hr

Noise Level


► 63 dB
► 60 dB
► 58 dB
► 54 dB
► 53 dB

Air Purification Recommended Coverage*
(The recommended coverage is based on normal domestic indoor environment usage)


► 1,292 ft2 or 120 m2
► 1,130 ft2 or 105 m2
► 1,023 ft2 or 95 m2
► 861 ft2 or 80 m2
► 753 ft2 or 70 m2

Air sterilization Recommended Coverage*


Up to 3000 ft2 or 279 m2

Surface Sanitation Recommended Coverage*


Up to 2000 ft2 or 186 m2

CADR (Smoke PM2.5)
The Clear Air Delivery Rate (CADR) in terms of smoke (PM2.5) removal is performed in accordance to AHAM AC-1-2015 standard. CFM unit is equivalent to ft3³/min, m³ /hr unit is derived from CFM conversion. Based on novita PM2.5 Filter.)


295CFM/ 501 m³/hr

QuadSystem™ Technology
NOTE: Air purification, air sterilization and surface sanitization performance may be subjected to environmental conditions and contaminants level.


Step 1: 4-in-1 PuriPRO® Filter
Step 2: Advanced UV Nano Photocatalytic-Oxidation
Step 3: Advanced Electron Spray Ionization
Step 4: Advanced Corona Discharge

Filter Unit Capacity
NOTE: Based on average 8 hours a day, 7 days a week usage under normal domestic indoor environment


PuriPRO® 4-in-1 Filter – Pre-Mesh + Cool Catalyst + Granular Activated Carbon + 99.97% True HEPA
Suggested Replacement: 24 months (Approx. 6000 hours)

Negative Ions Density*
(Negative ion density measurement is based from source emission.)


Up to 60 Million/cm³

Away mode Ozone Emission
CAUTION! Do not operate away mode in occupied room


Up to 500 mg/hr

Applicable Wi-Fi pairing frequency


2.4 GHz

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