Trade-In Promotion - Water Ionizer NP8

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Regular Price: S$1,899.00

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Powered by the energy efficient SMPS power system, novita HydroPlus® Water Ionizer NP8 embraces both the contemporary taste and functionality. Characterised by intricately carved groove accents, it adds dynamism and refinedness. Compact and lightweight, NP8 is thoughtfully designed to optimize space-saving, without compromising on its performance. Engineered with platinised titanium electrode plates and a smart intelligence processor, NP8 offers an optimized ionization process and ultra-water purification system, with an indicative pH/ORP display on the front panel. Hydrate better with HydroPlus® alkaline antioxidant water and complete the experience with 7 types of functional alkaline, acidic and purified water. Extending your usage for everyday drinking, cooking and cleaning, NP8 is definitely a sophisticated unit that contends with its outstanding performance and visual appeal to be a welcomed addition into your home!

Trade-in Special

Trade-In Promotion - Water Ionizer NP8

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Technical Specifications


Dimensions (W x D x H)


270 mm x 122 mm x 364 mm

Net Weight


Approx. 5.0 Kg

pH Range



Level 1: pH 8.5 / ORP -50mV
Level 2: pH 9.0 / ORP -100mV
Level 3: pH 9.5 / ORP -150mV
Level 4: pH 10.0 / ORP -200mV 

pH and ORP inherent from water source 

Level 1: pH 5.0
Level 2: pH 3.5

Note: The Indicative pH & ORP reduction may vary by ± 0.6 and ± 100 mV respectively, subjected to nature of inherent water source, piping condition, water inflow rate, chlorine concentration and filter usage. Indicated indicative pH readings are obtainer based on pH 7.5 source water. All pH and ORP reduction values are attained based on quantitative sampling basis. pH and ORP reduction are subjected to natural deprecation.

Power Consumption


100 Watts

Water Supply


Direct Connect to a faucet or piping

Ionized Water Output Rate
(Alkaline + Acidic Water)


Recommended ≈ 2.0 L / min (for optimum performance)

Applicable Water Inflow Pressure


15 to 60 PSI 

Applicable Water Temperature


5 – 30 °C

Electrolysis Method


Continuous Electrolysis

Electrode Plate


Platinised - Titanium

Cleaning Device


Patented auto cleaning water cell 

Filter Type


Standard Advanced Ultra Hollow Membrane Filter NP 8UF

Filter Capacity


3,000 litres (up to 12 months, based on approx 8 litres/day)

Control Panel

  Touch Panel

Safety Feature


► Excessive Current Control


HydroPlus® Premium Water Ionizer Standard Installation Video
Click on the video to view the onsite standard installation service procedure.