Foot Massager FM600




Let novita The M Series® Foot Massager FM600 offer you complete foot reflexology massage pleasure. Stimulating the calf muscles and soles of your feet, the massage help spromote good blood circulation and energy flow for an overall state of well-being. Choose from the 4 different massage techniques, 3 Pre-Set Auto Programmed Modes and 6 Manual Programmed Modes. FM600’s adjustable inclination angle indulges you with maximum relief and lets your rejuvenated legs take you further!

4 features you will love

Shiatsu Massage

A trigger point massage that targets reflex points along the meridian system. Aiding to restore proper energy flow and promote muscles relaxation, Shiatsu can also help relieve your tired calves after prolonged standing hours.

Scraping Massage Technique

Commonly known as Gua-Sha, rollers protrude out and massages the acupressure points on the sole of your feet. Aiding in detoxification and alleviating mental fatigue, it can help boost the immune system as well.


A warm and soothing sensation gradually spreads throughout the calf and sole region. Relaxing the muscles, the gentle heat also helps release any built-up tension and stimulate overall blood circulation.


14 pairs of strategically positioned air pressure massage units gently knead your tired calves and feet. Ladies who love wearing heels will certainly enjoy the tantalizing relief it brings.


A deep massage targeting reflex points along the meridian system to release any blocked energy and restore proper energy flow. Promoting muscle relaxation and detoxification. Re-energize and pamper your tired and aching legs after prolong standing hours.


Commonly known as Gua-Sha, rollers glide along the acupressure points on the sole to relieve stress, fatigue and also help strengthen the immune system to promote overall well-being.

Heat Therapy

The warm and soothing sensation helps release built-up tension and relieves stiffness or strains in muscles while stimulating blood circulations at the same time for instant relief and comfort.

Air Pressure

Be embraced by the 14 pairs of strategically positioned air pressure massage units for comforting massage pleasure. Relieve muscle aches and stimulate pressure points to achieve tantalizing relief for tired calves and feet especially for ladies who loves wearing heels.


Auto Massage ProgramsDescriptionMassage Duration
RELIEFEnjoy a deep tissue massage for your sole and calves. With both Shiatsu & Guasha massage techniques, this program aids to remove accumulated muscles tension and stress effectively while also boosting the lymphatic flow.15 Minutes
REJUVENATEGive your tired feet and aching calves an indulging treat with this program that adopts both Shiatsu & Guasha massage techniques Soothing stiff muscles, also feel energized and recharged from an improved blood flow and circulation.15 Minutes
RELAXPromoting muscle relaxation with Shiatsu & Air Pressure massage, this massage program gently kneads and stimulates your calf muscles. Providing comfort, it also helps improve muscle elasticity.15 Minutes
  •  Get Comfy Adjust the air bag intensity level to your desired preference and comfort.

6 Manual
Programmed Mode

Customized your foot reflexology massage experience with 6 manual programmed modes. With this thoughtful selection, you can choose between the modes to suit your needs and likes for an ideal massage any day.

Angle Adjustment

A considerate feature to have, adjust the foot massager’s inclination angle for a personalised massage and get maximum relief out of your massage session.


Completed with a refined black finish to give a modern touch, the novita foot massager FM600 impeccably blends into your living space while effortlessly making a statement on its own.

Complete foot Massage


A deep tissue massage can help improve joint mobility at the ankle and release chronic muscular tension.

02. FEET

Feel energised as a massage helps stimulate vital acupressure points found on the sole and improve overall blood circulation.

03. CALF

Enjoy a deep tissue massage that helps relieve accumulated fatigue and pain, especially for ladies who loves wearing heels.

Benefits of Foot Massage

• Alleviate anxiety • Better sleep • Improve circulation • Lower blood pressure • Natural pain relief