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Insect Killer NK30W


    UV (Black) light. Harmless to human, effective on insects & mosquitoes. 

    UV (Black) light which attracts insects is safe for the environment and harmless to human.UV-A , also known as Black Light is a long-wave ultraviolet light in the 315 to 400 nm range. It is also the only UV-A light that is harmless to the human body and is proven to be the most attractive to insects and pests.



    Removable collection tray. Easy maintenance.

    Cleaning & maintenance is a breeze with the removable collection tray!Removable collection tray allows for easy maintenance and comes along with a safety mechanism that instantly deactivates unit when the tray is removed or not placed properly.



    300 square feet coverage. Maximum protection coverage.

    Effective for attracting and trapping flying insects over a large coverage, NK30W gives you and your loved ones all-round protection at any time of the day.Keep pesky insects and mosquitoes at bay and offer your family an insect-free living environment.