NAS12000 Service Maintenance

Service Maintenance Includes:

  1. To check on the operating condition of the unit’s fan motor
  2. To clean the unit’s fan motor system
  3. To check the unit’s air flow output rate
  4. To check and clean off any by-products formation on the advanced corona discharge module.
  5. To check and clean the UV lamp and titanium dioxide filter.
  6. To check and clean the anion module.
  7. To check and clean the 4 in 1 PuriPRO® filter.
  8. To clean the unit’s air outlet and air inlet areas
  9. To check all electrical components and safety circuits are in good order.
  10. To perform general cleaning of unit’s interior and exterior.
  11. To check and ensure all parts^ and functions are in good working condition and order.
  12. Inclusive of transportation, labour and servicing fee.
    NOTE:^ For any parts replacements, additional charges may apply.

    Maintenance service is only available on Monday to Friday, between 0900 hrs – 1300 hrs or 1400 hrs – 1700 hrs. Appointment will be scheduled within 3 to 5 working days.