PuriClean Complete™ 3-In-1 Air Purifier NAP001H with 3 Years Full Warranty [SAME DAY DELIVERY!]

Maximalist Purity

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Immerse yourself in everlasting air quality in a much wider coverage area with PuriClean Complete™ 3-in-1 Air Purifier NAP001H. Powered by a DC brushless motor, this big and sturdy unit will amaze you as it works diligently to purify the air through a 3-Stage PuriClean Complete™ System – air purification, ionization and nano humidification.

Its comprehensive 4-step air purification and ionization filtration begins with a Washable Mesh Filter, which traps large particles followed by a Cool Catalyst Filter that oxidizes and eliminates airborne germs, and harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The Granular Activated Carbon Filter then adsorbs volatile organic compounds, unpleasant odour and airborne chemicals while the True HEPA Filter removes up to 99.97% of airborne germs and allergens with a nominal size of 0.3 micrometre to ensure fresh and clean air quality for all. Finally, with the partnering semi-permanent built-in ionizer, more than 40 million negative ions are diffused into the air for further elimination of airborne allergens and germs. Furthermore, the nano humidification elevates moisture in the air to a desired level so to improve the humidity level for greater comfort.

Supporting additional versatility to satisfy your diverse air quality needs, the NAP001H dedicates itself to achieve a robust indoor air quality assurance for you and your love ones all year round.

PuriClean Complete™ 3-In-1 Air Purifier NAP001H with 3 Years Full Warranty [SAME DAY DELIVERY!]

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Technical Specifications


Dimensions (W x D x H)


430 mm x 250 mm x 700 mm

Empty Weight


11.4 Kg



220 V / 50 Hz

Speed Setting


► Turbo
► High
► Medium
► Low
► Silent

Power Consumption


► 70 Watts
► 42 Watts
► 30 Watts
► 15 Watts
► 11 Watts 

Power Consumption with Humidifying


► 72 Watts
► 44 Watts
► 32 Watts
► 17 Watts
► 13 Watts 

Air Flow Rate


► 680 m3/hr
► 550 m3/hr
► 430 m3/hr
► 260 m3/hr
► 180 m3/hr

Noise Level


► 62 dB
► 55 dB
► 50 dB
► 45 dB
► 30 dB

Recommended Purification Coverage


► 68 m2
► 55 m2
► 43 m2
► 26 m2
► 18 m2

Humidification Rate^


► 330 ml/hr

Tank Capacity


3.0 Litres

Continuous Humidification


Up to 9 hours (Based on high fan speed setting)

Filter Unit Capacity* 


► 3-in-1 Filter (Cool Catalyst + Granular Activated Carbon + 99.97% True HEPA)
- Suggested Replacement 24 Months* (Approx. 6,000 hours)

► Humidifying Filter
- Suggested Replacement 24 Months* (Approx. 6,000 hours)

► Silver AntiMicrobes™ Sachet (Optional)
-Suggested Replacement 30 Days (Approx. 90 litres)  

3-Stage PuriClean™ Complete System


►Stage 01- Air Purification
- Step A: Washable Mesh Filter
- Step B: Cool Catalyst Filter
- Step C: Granular Activated Carbon Filter
- Step D: 99.97% True HEPA Filter

►Stage 02
- Air Humidification
- Step A: Silver AntiMicrobes™ Sachet (Optional)
- Step B: Humidifying Filter

►Stage 03
- Air Ionization- Built-in Ionizer (Semi-Permanent)

Negative Ions Density+


≥ 40 Million/cm3

Optional Accessory 


Silver AntiMicrobes™ Sachet


◊ The recommended coverage area is based on normal domestic indoor environmental usage.

^ The humidification rate may vary subjected to environmental condition, indoor temperature and humidity level.

* Based on average good indoor air quality, average eight (8) hours a day, seven (7) days a week usage under normal domestic indoor environment.

∆ Based on average three (3) litres a day usage.

+ Negative ion density measurement is based from source emission.

□ Silver AntiMicrobes™ Sachet is used concurrently with humidification function only. 

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