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Special Deals for Healthway Medical: Aroma Diffuser NA90

novita PureScent™ Aroma Diffuser NA90 excludes mesmerizing charm with its sensual form and no-fuss functionality. Utilizing ultrasonic technology to emit mist of essential oil micro-particles into the air, NA90 helps to restore the balance of the mind, body and soul. Conveniently portable and lightweight, you can indulge in a private aromatherapy session anytime, anywhere.


    Features Highlight



    Ultrasonic Technology. High performance, effective diffusion. 

    Still using the traditional candle heated burners? It’s time for an upgrade with NA90!

    Overcome the limitations of traditional candle heated burners and the danger of a naked flame with NA90.The nebulizer in the water tank breaks down essential oil into microscopic droplets for better absorption and greater therapeutic values so you inhale only the pure goodness of the aroma-therapeutic scents.


    Auto off safety. Intelligent power cut off. 

    A scatterbrain sometimes? Well, you don’t have to worry with the auto off safety feature!With a built-in sensor, NA90 intelligently shuts off when the water level falls below the safety level to prevent risk and damage to the unit and user.



    Illuminating LED lights. Beautiful light up. 

    Light up the environment and your mood with the alluring LED lights!LED lights illuminate the moment NA 90 is switched on. Place the unit anywhere as a modish décor or even a night light!