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Special Deals for Healthway Medical: Portable Disinfectant H-Mist02 with FOC Dedicated Velvet Pouch

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Compact the conventional ionization process into an advanced portable system that offers a superior hydroxyl ion disinfection performance. novita H-Mist02 offers a complete disinfection control anytime, anywhere, even when you are on the go! Activate the HydroxySystem™ process with its 1-touch sensor and regular tap water/mineral water molecules instantly converts into hydroxyl ions, a powerful disinfecting agent. Highly reactive and equipped with robust surface disinfection capability these hydroxyl ions eliminate more than 99.99% of pathogenic surface-bound germs in contact by breaking down its cell membrane and protein coat within just 30 seconds. 100% safe on skin, eyes, for ingestion and with no toxic chemical ingredients, you can readily disinfect the common indoor or outdoor hotspots such as shared toys, keyboards or even lift buttons.

Have a peace of mind by having the novita H-Mist02 with you today, everyday!

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