HydroPlus® Water Pitcher NP1190

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Regular Price: S$59.00

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novita HydroPlus® Alkaline Antioxidant Water Pitcher NP1190 is ideal for any minimalist individual. The 3-Step Filter transforms normal tap water into quality drinking water almost instantly!  Giving you 4 HydroPlus® properties: alkaline water, hydrogen water, hydrating water and oxygenizing water, indulge in a wholesome HydroPlus® drinking experience. Completed with a contour handle for a simple and streamlined design, this water pitcher complements for your usability and convenience with a large storage capacity, easy fill lid and non-slip base. Light, and easily portable, NP1190 will make a great addition for you and your loved ones. 

HydroPlus® Water Pitcher NP1190

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Technical Specifications


Dimensions (W x D x H)


133 mm x 265 mm x 260 mm

Net Weight


678 g

pH Range


pH 7.5 - 9.0

ORP Reduction 


Up to 250 mV  

Note: pH & ORP values/reduction may vary, subjected to nature of water source, chlorine concentration and filter usage. Indicated pH readings are attained based on pH 7.5 source water.

Water Tank Capacity


► Reservoir Tank: 1.2 litres
► Storage Tank: 2.0 litres
► Total Tank: 3.2 litres

Filtration Capacity


150 litres or 30 days
(Based on 5 Litres/Day usage)

Filtration Flow Rate


±2 Minutes/ 500 ml
(Filtration flow rate may vary by ± 1 minutes subjected to nature of water source and filter usage.)



Navy Blue

Product Accessory


1 x NP 2290F/NP 3290F HydroPlus® Filter

3 Step Water Purification

Step 1: Ion-Exchange Resin (IER)


► Soften water effectively for readily acceptance into body
► Eliminate heavy metals and hardness ions through adsorptive exchange reaction

Step 2: Silver Activated Carbon (SAC)


► Intensive ‘Adsorptive’ Filtration
► Anti-Bacterial Silver Impregnation
► Remove residual chlorine
► Remove VOC
► Deodorization

Step 3: HydroPlus® Elements


► Alkaline water helps to neutralize excess acidic waste to promote body’s pH balance.
► Hydrogen water promotes antioxidant effects to slow down oxidation process.
► Hydrating water facilitates better hydration and detoxification with its smaller water molecule cluster size.
► Oxygenizing water promotes better body metabolism and blood circulation.

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