Bundle Deal: HydroPlus® Water Pitcher NP3290UF & Filter Pack - Enhanced With Certified Advanced Ultra Hollow Membrane

The Melanite Series

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Regular Price: S$168.00

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Augment your drinking experience with the unique and vibrant novita HydroPlus® Water Pitcher from the Melanite Series! Unlike conventional designs, this is novita’s first ever water pitcher with a black-based colour tone, all the more accentuating its vibrant streak of colour on the handle. Embodying elegance, wellness and convenience, quality drinking water is now at your fingertips! Now enhanced with certified advanced ultra-hollow membrane and giving you more with 4 rewarding HydroPlus® properties – alkaline water, hydrogen water, hydrating water and oxygenizing water. A cut above the rest, set the trend now and drink quality water the savvy way.

Bundle Deal: HydroPlus® Water Pitcher NP3290UF & Filter Pack  - Enhanced With Certified Advanced Ultra Hollow Membrane

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Technical Specifications


Dimensions (W x D x H)


265 mm x 92 mm x 272 mm       

Net Weight


619 g

pH Range (Alkaline)


pH 7.5 – pH 9.0

ORP Range (Alkaline)


Up to 250 mV 
(pH & ORP reduction may vary subjected to nature of water source.)

Water Tank Capacity


► Reservoir Tank: 1 litres
► Storage Tank: 1.25 litres
► Total Tank: 2.25 litres

Filtration Capacity


150 litres or 30 days
(Based on 5 Litres/Day usage)

Filtration Flow Rate


± 3 Minutes/ 500 ml
(Filtration flow rate may vary by ± 2 minutes subjected to nature of water source and filter usage.)



► Royal blue 
► Metallic green
► Geranium red
► Zesty yellow
► Fuchsia pink

Product Accessory


► 1 x NP 2290UF /NP 3290UF HydroPlus® Filter


4 Step Water Purification


Step 1: Ion-Exchange Resin (IER)


► Soften water effectively for readily acceptance into body
► Eliminate heavy metals and hardness ions through adsorptive exchange reaction

Step 2: Silver Activated Carbon (SAC)


► Intensive ‘Adsorptive’ Filtration
► Anti-Bacterial Silver Impregnation
► Remove residual chlorine
► Remove VOC
► Deodorization

Step 3: HydroPlus® Elements


► Increase pH to mild alkaline level to promote neutralization of excess acidic waste
► Promote antioxidant effect to slow down oxidation
► Smaller water molecule cluster size to promote better hydration and detoxification
► Irradiate Far Infrared Rays to form energy water to promote metabolism and blood circulation

Step 4: Advanced Ultra Hollow Membrane 


► Effectively remove 99.9% E.Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus Bacteria
► Extensive physical size exclusion filtration to remove suspended colloids up to 0.1 microns while keeping essential minerals intact
► Adopts advanced ultra-fine hollow fibre microporous membrane technology
► The advanced ultra hollow membrane filter performance is tested with proven efficiency by Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR)

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