Water Purifier NP602M

Rejuvenating & Restorative

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Combining rejuvenating and restorative qualities, novita Water Purifier NP602M not only purifies water but also restores water with its natural energy and balance that was lost during municipal filtration. Its 5 stages of comprehensive filtration and the use of HydroMagnetization help you work towards the balancing of your body, mind and soul.

Water Purifier NP602M

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Standalone unit. Restriction free.

With no connection to piping or power supply, you are free to bring NP 602M everywhere you go! Usage is not confined to just the kitchen or near the power supply and water source.

Use NP 602M in the living room, office and even outdoor for fresh, quality water anywhere and everywhere!



Operational ease. No fuss handling.

Just add tap water for the purification process to begin. It’s that easy! There is no need for boiling or connection to electrical supply for NP 602M to work.

Simply add tap and allow the water to flow through the filter for instant purified water!



Cost efficient. Pocket friendly.

With NP 602M, you no longer have to spend on costly bottled water! 

It’s astonishing how much you can save with NP 602M! Providing up to 10,000 liters of purified water per year with its full set filters, it’s not hard to imagine how much savings there are compared to purchasing bottled water!



Technical Specifications


Dimensions (W x D x H)


253 x 278 x 485 mm

Net Weight


4 kg

Water Tank Capacity


► Reservoir Tank: 6.0 litres
► Storage Tank: 10.0 litres
► Total Tank: 16.0 litres

Filtration Flow Rate


1.5 – 2.0 litres / hr

Product Accessory


► NP 600F 12 (12-Months Filter Pack)


5 Step Water Purification


Step 1: Ceramic Filter


► Comprehensive ‘Sieving’ Filtration
► Rust, fluid, dregs, sediments and foreign particles are removed as water passes through pores of 0.1-1 um

Step 2: Ion-Exchange Resin (IER) Filter


► Water Softener
► Remove harmful metal ions

Step 3: Silver Activated Carbon (SAC)


► Intensive ‘Adsorptive’ Filtration
► Anti-Bacterial Silver Impregnation
► Remove residual chlorine
► Remove VOC
► Deodorization
► Improve taste

Step 4: Cormac Filter


► Thermo-treated bio-mineral stones remove bacteria and enhance water with beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium

Step 5: HydroMagnetization Device


► Specially charged Neodymium magnet of 3800 gauss
► Oxygenize and restructure water molecule for multiple health benefits