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How Much Manuka Honey To Use and Applications

September 05, 2022 3 min read

Manuka honey has gained a reputation for having many perceived benefits. From antibacterial to antiviral activity, multiple scientific studies indicate unique properties. However, while some of the benefits are pretty well known, many are unaware of how exactly Manuka honey should be used. 

Take advantage of this liquid gold to ensure you use Manuka honey to its maximum benefits. This blog will outline how Manuka honey can be used, how much to use and how to apply it.  

The Different Applications of Manuka Honey 

There are a few ways to apply Manuka honey within your daily life. Here are five ways most people use this unique substance: 

Eaten from the spoon

This method is the most convenient way to take Manuka honey. Just like one would take a vitamin or a daily supplement, a teaspoon of honey can be a great way to set yourself up for the day. 

Some studies have shown that using a wooden spoon is the best method of scooping honey. Although metal is okay to use, it’s recommended that a metal spoon is not left in the honey as the metal may chemically interact with the Manuka honey.

Blended in a smoothie

Manuka honey can act as an all-natural sweetener for your morning smoothie! However, if honey is left in the fridge too long, it may begin to crystallise, but if this happens, warm the honey through and stir it. 

Coffee sweetener 

It might surprise some, but honey was the original sweetener of coffee before sugar. Manuka honey makes for a great alternative as it is less calorically dense than sugar but still provides a lovely sweet flavour. 

In addition, Manuka honey has several bioactive ingredients and minerals that provide an even more healthy alternative than cane sugar’s empty calories. 

Applied topically to the body

While many believe Manuka honey assists with internal problems, skincare advocates swear by the liquid gold. Applying a layer of Manuka honey to the face has been suggested to decrease redness. A study carried out in 2018 observed decreases in inflammation with the application of Manuka honey. This is the only ingredient that can be used for both skincare and breakfast.

How Much Manuka Honey Should You Use Per Serving?

To maximise the benefits of Manuka honey, experts believe that the optimal amount to ingest is between 1 and 2 tablespoons per day. Additionally, you can eat it straight or spread it out over foods or drinks. 

Pure Manuka honey is a versatile food item and can be a valuable ingredient to many treats. Consider spreading the honey out on toast or adding the tablespoon to a shake. 

The ultra-premium Manuka honey products that are UMF 18+ or higher have been recommended to be excellent for winter wellness. Reports have indicated that ½ or a whole tablespoon may ease the symptoms when you have a tickle in your throat. 

Do People Apply Manuka Honey For Skincare? 

As mentioned above, Manuka honey has several antimicrobial properties that have been suggested to alleviate the severity of blemishes. Alternative means of skincare are becoming ever more popular. Many have reported online that they have observed decreases in blemish formation and severity. A 2018 study found that the components within Manuka honey were suggested to have anti-inflammatory properties.


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