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About novita

With humble beginnings, novita Singapore is a home-grown Singapore brand with 23 years of rich knowledge and experience in creating innovative home appliances. Renowned and recognised by the market and consumers for our product technology, innovation & design, it is the dedication to fine details that powers our growth and also gave us the opportunity for our 2018 brand integration with Vitabrid beauty care collection. Established to become a proud representative from the little red dot today, we are also rapidly building an identity in some Southeast Asia countries.

Recognising and understanding the advantage of expert support, novita has built a strategic partnership network with China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Italy. By tapping onto their individual expertise, this also strengthened our capabilities and set the fundamentals for product development. Investing into extensive research and R&D capability building, behind each product system technology is the drive and dedication to the finished technical and aesthetic quality.

Well-advanced and keeping ahead of trends, novita gives new meaning and definition to the contemporary lifestyle by introducing the Total Wellness perspective in Air.Water.Body. Maintaining a competitive know-how and strengthening new technologies, we aspire to enhance the quality of life with creative solutions. Relevant and optimized for smart performance, novita products serve to be a constant enrichment to modern households today. Also relationship-oriented, the complete experience is refined with attention to the human elements for extended service excellence.

Driven for Continuous Innovation, Designed for Continuous Improvement.


novita brings to our customers a wide range of household appliances to answer to our customers’ unique needs. We believe that our core values moulds us and we endeavor to deliver to our customers and business partners our ultimate promise of satisfaction and ease of our customers’ lives.


novita believes in the principle of continuous improvement and growth in order to maintain our relevancy and competitiveness in the market. By continuously striving for excellence and seeking opportunities for growth, this ensures that we remains at the forefront of innovation and meeting the evolving needs of our customers with innovative solutions. 

02. CONTINUOUS learning

To improve oneself, one must not be stagnant and complacent. novita believes in constant and continuous learning. Everyone, from our valued employees, suppliers, retailers and our customers shares a special relationship with us. They are all novita’s mentors and partners in learning.


novita believes in giving excellent service and sincere support to our loyal customers and partners. We trust and believe that our success is greatly propelled by its support network with its valuable employees, business partners and customers. Building up a successful support network that ensures constant flow of information and help is one of our core goals.


novita places extreme importance in the relationships that we have established with our customers, our business partners and our employees. Every transaction and interaction that we have is viewed as an opportunity for us to harness and add value to the bond that we wish to build. Relationships are built on trust and commitment, and it is novita’s promise to bring out the best in our mutually beneficial relationships.


It is novita’s vision to continuously bring to our customers creative and innovative solutions. Using state-of-the-art technology and unique designs, we strive to create value for our customers and provide meaningful and useful alternatives to their daily woes.