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Manuka Honey UMF - More Than Just A Number

September 05, 2022 3 min read

A Manuka honey UMF rating is more than just a number. It ensures genuine, quality New Zealand Manuka honey. A key indicator of legitimacy. It is an easy tool for consumers to recognise which honey is more potent and which honey they prefer the taste of. 

Overseen by the UMF Honey Association, each and every batch of PURITI honey is tested to the highest standard by independent laboratories in order to receive a UMF Mark. 

It takes three important tests to register a UMF mark: quality standards, grading and rating tests. In this article, we will discuss all the extra miles a UMF rating takes to authenticate the very best quality Manuka honey. 

Quality Standards

The quality standards test has fundamental principles that the honey must meet in order to pass. Firstly, only companies that are licensed by the UMF Honey Association (UMFHA) and strictly comply with the quality standards are able to receive the UMF quality trademark on their product. This ensures you know exactly what you are getting with each and every UMF rated product you receive. 

The honey must then meet the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) definition for Manuka honey. This states that each UMF Manuka honey should contain five main attributes in order to be classed as pure Manuka honey in New Zealand. Four chemicals from the nectar and one DNA marker from the pollen. It must then meet an extra layer of testing required by the UMFHA.

Each batch of honey must be tested, packed and labelled in New Zealand. This ensures purity and authenticity. Honey products that are sent overseas can be subject to mixing with lower quality varieties of honey, temperature tampering and added ingredients.  

Further HMF tests are undertaken to meet International Standards requirements to demonstrate the temperature of the honey has not been tampered with which can affect the quality of the honey and health benefits provided.

These product tests must also be easily validated and supported by an advanced science program. 

PURITI is a registered company licensed by the UMFHA and can proudly carry the UMF trademark. All our products are tested to the highest standard to meet the MPI definition and exceed testing regulations. 


The UMF Grading ensure independent laboratory testing that confirms the honey is genuine Manuka honey originating from New Zealand and encompassed by the MPI definition and standard. At PURITI, all our products are fully certified and able to be validated.

Rating System

The independent laboratory assigns a UMF rating based on the levels of key bioactives - Leptosperin and Methylglyoxal (MGO). Each UMF rating has a set requirement for how much Leptosperin and MGOl must be present. For example, the 10+ UMF rating requires an MGO level of 263 mg/ kg and a Leprosperin level of more than 150 mg/ kg. 

PURITI Manuka honey goes above these standards and requirements with its very own standard for purity following our honesty grading table. Our 10+ high-quality Manuka honey requires an MGO rating of 300+ in order to be labelled as 10+ Manuka honey. This is well above the legal requirement.

These are just some of the steps we take to create some of the best Manuka honey in NZ. One of the best Manuka honey brands in New Zealand, we even test both our exported and NZ sold honey! 

We even create our own unique jars for anti-counterfeit and consumer security to ensure you are getting authentic Manuka honey with over 11 separate security measures taken. Both our UMF rating and MGO level is clearly displayed on each and every jar for ultimate transparency. 

At PURITI, we strive to clear the smoke and mirrors surrounding the Mauka honey industry and create clarity. You shouldn’t need to be an expert in honey in order to have access to the very best honey. With PURITI, you know you are getting high-quality, authentic NZ Manuka honey in every jar. 

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