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GreenFan™ F-2 Battery

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Not just from a DC adapter or a Dock, you can power the novita GreenFan™ F-2, with an optional rechargeable battery pack. A single charge gives you up to 16 hours of continuous usage, keeping you cool wherever you are! Lightweight and portable, GreenFan™ F-2 is designed to be adjustable for your needs. Being your standing fan or compact desktop fan, you can bring it to any room in the house and anywhere outdoors!

  • Battery Type


    Li-ion Battery Series

    Rated Voltage


    DC 12 V



    4400 mAh (52.8 Wh)

    Limited Charge Voltage


    DC 14 V 

    Battery Working Duration


    On Standby: Up to about 4 to 6 Days
    Based on Lowest Speed: Up to 16 Hours
    Based on Highest Speed: Up to 3.7 Hours