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Hi-Performance Advanced Ultra Hollow Membrane Filter NP9009UF

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For All Novita Water Ionizers- NP9930/ NP9932(i) / NP9938(i) / NP9960(i) / NP10000


1 x Enhanced Ultra-Water Purification Hi-Performance Advanced Ultra Hollow Membrane Filter


6-Step Filtration System
Step 1: Sediment Siever• Filter the suspended substances, rust and sediments etc
Step 2: Calcium Layer• Add calcium to increase alkaline minerals to facilitate electrolysis process
• It also works as an effective dechlorination agent to break down and eliminate residual chlorine
Step 3: Tourmaline• Enhances the ionization through radiating far infrared rays to energise the water into energy water of smaller water molecule cluster size
• For better hydration, promote metabolism and blood circulation
Step 4: Pre-Carbon Element• Removes any agrichemicals, disinfectants, phenol, trihalomethane and other harmful chemicals in source water
• Enhancing the anti-bacterial effects, the carbon element is impregnated with silver for extra bacterial resistance
Step 5: Post-Carbon Element• Provides activated carbon filtering to remove residual chlorine and other harmful substances such as pigments, odours, colour and toxics by-products of chlorine such as THMS, VOCs, agricultural chemicals and other impurities
Step 6: Advanced Ultra Hollow Membrane• Effectively remove 99.9% E.Coli and staphylococcus Aureus Bacteria
• Extensive physical size exclusion filtration to remove suspended colloids u to 0.1 microns while keeping essential minerals intact
• Adopts advanced ultra-fine hollow fibre microporous membrane technology
• The advanced ultra hollow membrane filter performance is tested with proven efficiency by Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR)