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High Capacity Pre-Filter (Made in China)

Filter Head Connector & Screw Requirement
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For All novita Water Purification Products
(Not applicable to Portable and Faucet Purifier units)

1 x External Pre-Filter
(Recommended replacement: 24 Months/7,200 Litres*)

NOTE:  *Based on average 10 litres a day usage.Filter Cartridge Holder and Filter Head Connector are sold separately.

The high capacity pre-filter is composed of Sediment UF filter which adopts comprehensive sieving filtration to effectively trap and remove large sediment/dirt ranges from 0.1 to 1.0 micrometre in size from source water for longer lasting and optimum filter performance.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended to replace the external pre-filter according to the recommended usage for hygiene purposes & optimum performance.