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Invisible Ink To Protect PURITI Genuine Manuka Honey

September 05, 2022 2 min read

PURITI is proud to say that we go above and beyond what is required to protect the status of 100% pure New Zealand Mānuka honey. To reduce the amount of counterfeit honey, PURITI is doing everything in its power to protect this precious commodity. 

Midlands Apiaries, the parent company of PURITI, has introduced jars with 11 anti-counterfeit security measures that include invisible ink and laser etching. Our International Brand Manager, Adam Boot, believes that companies should give consumers the confidence to buy genuine Mānuka honey products. 

"We were uncomfortable with the quality choice available to the consumer and the lack of protection provided against counterfeit and fake products," he said.

Along with the mentioned protective measures, our jars also include a thick anti-tamper seal on the lid, soft-touch laminate paper, textured design elements and stamped foil metallic finishes. Our specific shape of cylinder used for the jar is difficult to recreate and gives a noticeably difficult look to more traditional square honey jars. 

At PURITI, we are aware of the value Mānuka honey has on the New Zealand economy (approximately $398 million). Many counterfeiters and honey producers attempt to pass their honey as genuine, when it isn’t, so we do everything in our power to protect this sacred export when it goes out. 

In light of these recent counterfeit incidents, the New Zealand Government has introduced a formal scientific definition of Mānuka Honey (through the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI)). PURITI is proud to say that all of our monofloral Mānuka honey meets this scientific definition and exceeds the basic requirements as set by MPI. 

Adam Boot says, "The objective is to ensure that when the consumer chooses Mānuka honey, they have a choice of and access to the real deal, genuine article with guaranteed, certified testing to a demonstrably higher standard than the toughest legislative requirements.”

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