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PURITI Offers Some Of The Sweetest Substances On Earth

September 05, 2022 1 min read

PURITI’s ultra-premium Grand Cru UMF 30+ is part of a significantly rare batch of Mānuka honey that occurs just once in every ten harvests. This potency is six times that of what is usually found in supermarkets. 

Adam Boot, Midlands Apiaries’ International Brand Manager, spoke to ReadA, “only a few hundred kilograms of UMF 30+ are harvested at the most.” This high level of UMF denotes the levels of purity of active antibacterial compounds - namely MGO or methylglyoxal. 

When asked if this is the most expensive honey ever released, Boot responded with: “I believe there was once rare honey from a rare bee discovered in a cave. There was about 20kg, and it sold for about NZ$16,000 per kg. Other than that, our product would be right up there with the most expensive. But, in the end, it is the rarity and unusual natural quality that determines the price."