Manuka Honey And Creating A Bee Friendly Garden

September 05, 2022 3 min read

Here at PURITI, we are the experts in all things pure Manuka honey and all things bee-related. Without bees, we wouldn’t have any delicious golden honey. More importantly, a third of everything we eat is pollinated by bees. Therefore it is integral that we look after our bees. 

This involves creating healthy environments for them to live and thrive. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can make your garden more bee-friendly: 

How to build a bee-friendly garden

A common misconception is that bee-friendly gardens simply need an abundance of flowers. However, like many other insects, bees have their preferences in the types of food they like. Not all flowers are created equal. Here are our top tips on creating the perfect habitat. 


  • Plant bright flowers


    Bees are very visual creatures and are attracted to bright, beautiful flowers. That is why bees are more likely to land on bright and colourful shirts. 

    Create a diversified, colourful garden including flowers with bright purples, pinks, yellows and whites to attract the bees. Often, these flowers are rich in nectar, which leads to our second point. 


  • Choose fragrant, nectar-filled flowers


    One of the reasons why Manuka, sunflower and lavender plants are so loved by bees is because of their fragrant scent and nectar-rich flowers. Providing an essential food source, bees search for two main things, pollen for fats and protein, and nectar for energy. 

    These fundamental principles should help you choose the very best plants for your bees. They can be very particular about the types of flowers they like.  


  • Plant flowers for all seasons 


    To encourage the bees to stick around, plant flowers that bloom in different seasons. That way when one type of flower is not in bloom, the bees can have another viable food source. If you are short on space, you can even plant perennial flowers that bloom year-round. 


  • Build an edible garden


    Not only great for bees, an edible garden can also provide delicious fruit and vegetables for the family too. Plant berries, herbs and fruit trees. It is a fantastic alternative if you are allergic to pollen and a great way to introduce more fruit and vegetables into your diet. 


  • Avoid chemical pesticides 


    Chemical pesticides can be very harmful to bees. Keep it organic and natural. If you are having a pest control problem, always try the natural method first. 


  • Give them water


    Bees need water to hydrate themselves during their busy adventures. Adding a shallow dish of water (similar to a birdbath) to your garden is a great way to keep them hydrated and happy. Place rocks into the shallow dish to provide space for them to dry their wings. 

    These are just some of the ways you can attract and look after your bee visitors. 

    Why Choose PURITI?

    Here at PURITI, we ensure our bees are kept happy and healthy. Our best quality Manuka honey is gathered by studious bees in the rugged wilderness of New Zealand. Our honey is tested to the highest standard to ensure we are producing only genuine Manuka honey. We even voluntarily test all our products for glyphosate. 

    We understand that our bees are the very lifeblood of everything we do and we treat them just as well as any of our human workers. Safety, innovation and sustainability is our philosophy. 

    All our products are UMF Manuka honey certified and also include the corresponding MGO rating listed on the label. Maintaining transparency and guaranteeing authenticity. 

    Harvested, packaged, independently tested and certified as genuine Manuka honey in NZ. Tested to more stringent requirements than legally required. For example, our PURITI Manuka honey with a UMF rating of 12+ is required to have an MGO score of 400+. This is above the legal requirement of 356+.  

    The jars we use for all our products are designed and produced by us with extensive anti-counterfeit precautions. This ensures our honey has not been tampered with or contaminated with any other types of honey. 

    These are just some of the steps we take to create some of the best pure Manuka honey in New Zealand. We even fully test both our exported jars and local jars to guarantee high-quality Manuka honey in NZ. 

    We can confidently say PURITI is one of the best Manuka honey brands in New Zealand. Buy our Manuka honey online for all your wellness needs.