All of our Manuka Honey is independently tested and certified


The UMF™ rating system independently certifies natural components found in Mānuka honey to assure potency, purity, authenticity, & freshness.

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Fern Mark / NZ Made

To be licenced to use the FernMark on a product, a business must first demonstrate that they reflect the essence of New Zealand.

Brands must meet the FernMark eligibility criteria, which includes substantial New Zealand ownership, governance and being of good character.

Glyphosate - Residue Free

The Detox project certification ensures our products must have no glyphosate residues down to government-recognized limits of detection (LODs), usually 0.0 ppm, and lower levels than default government Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) in the European Union and Japan.

Glyphosate - Residue Free

The Secure Exports Scheme (SES), New Zealand’s Authorised Economic Operator programme, that meets the global supply chain security standards set by the World Customs Organization.

As a member we can minimise Customs delays and get priority in recovering from disruptions.

We have stringent food hygiene standards and practices, and we employ a range of advanced technologies and quality controls to ensure only the highest-quality products are produced. All of our Manuka Honey is independently tested and certified.


PURITI passes all legal requirements of the Manuka Honey Science definition as set by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI).

For monofloral Manuka honey to be certified, it must meet five specific attributes. If the sample fails to meet all five, the honey will be deemed as multifloral. At PURITI, all our Manuka honey is completely monofloral, ensuring maximum potency.

PURITI passes all legal requirements of the Manuka Honey Science definition as set by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI). PURITI is also proud to be Risk Management Programme (RMP) certified with MPI and, as such, is recognised as a food production facility by the New Zealand government. To ensure we deliver a consistent quality of products to our customers, we maintain effective communication with MPI. PURITI understands the importance of our customers and prioritises liaising with MPI to meet and exceed requirements. We are also one of just a few New Zealand honey producers to be SQF certified. SQF is an internationally recognised benchmark food quality standard and prerequisite requirement to supply most global food retailers.


The unique UMF™® trademark is a Quality Mark certification that is internationally recognised and furthers the purity of PURITI. After rigorous independent testing and auditing conducted by accredited laboratories, this certification ensures that you’re buying the highest quality of New Zealand Manuka honey.

The UMF™ grade is primarily based on the concentration of the antibacterial methylglyoxal (MGO).

In addition, the chemical leptosperin, which is linked to anti-inflammatory properties, is another key determinant of the UMF™ grade. Unlike other Manuka honey, the UMF™ certification tests key DNA markers from the honey to determine the single-origin source as well as potency. To achieve this golden standard, the Manuka Honey is tested for three signature compounds unique to this rare honey. The honey must be monofloral, sourced and packaged in New Zealand to ensure authenticity.