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Manuka Honey Lozenges: Uses And Benefits

September 06, 2022 3 min read

Manuka honey lozenges are one of the many ways you can enjoy this delicious nutritionally rich golden honey. Made from genuine Manuka honey, they benefit from the same unique antimicrobial, wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties. 

In this article, we will discuss how to use these lozenges and the benefits!

How to use: 

Lozenges are a great way to deliver Manuka Honey benefits straight to the source when experiencing a sore, dry throat or cough. Slightly different in function from the traditional liquid Manuka honey, simply pop one from our convenient packs and melt a lozenge in your mouth to gently release the honey. 

The perfect shot of Manuka honey when you are out and about and need a natural energy boost.

Our PURITI lozenges with a Manuka honey UMF rating of 12+ have been independently certified and tested with an MGO (Methylglyoxal) rating of 400+. Each packet containers 8 lozenges, making them perfect to carry around wherever you go. Easily transport them in your handbag, car or pocket!


There is a range of benefits that come with our high-quality Manuka honey lozenges! 

  • Convenient to use: The lozenges are excellent and compact! This means you can transport it anywhere you like! Whether you want to keep them on hand, in your cupboard, take them hiking, take them to work or out running errands.
  • Soothes a dry, itchy or sore throat: These convenient lozenges deliver the best quality Manuka honey (which contain the reported antibacterial bioactive ingredient MGO) right to where you need it most. 
  • Natural sweetness: Containing no added sugar, these lozenges are naturally sweet! Shown to reduce some of the bacteria that cause gingivitis and plaque formation, pure Manuka honey also has anti-inflammatory properties that may reduce any gum inflammation. 
  • Medical grade: Lozenges that contain a UMF Manuka honey rating of 12+ is considered medical-grade due to the high level of potency.  
  • Slow-release of energy: Manuka honey offers a gentle release of energy with four times the mineral content as other types of honey. Fast release glucose provides fast-acting energy recovery. 

These are just some of the reasons why these lozenges make a handy addition to carry around every day.

Why choose PURITI?

Here at PURITI, we place a significant emphasis on honesty and transparency so you get exactly what you expect. All of our honey is independently harvested, tested, certified and packed in New Zealand. We also take care to ensure that our products are counterfeit-proof by designing and producing our own unique packaging.. 

PURITI Manuka honey is also produced to higher standards and labelled clearly with both UMF and MGO ratings. Our honey operates under its own honesty grading table above and beyond the legal requirements. Our lozenges have a UMF rating of 12+ with an MGO rating of 400+ (above the legal requirement of 356+). 

With PURITI, you can feel confident you are getting some of the best pure Manuka honey in New Zealand set to more stringent requirements.

The MPI Manuka Honey Science Definition (legal testing standard) only applies to exported jars and is not a requirement for the domestic market. However, we voluntarily test our New Zealand sold products too. 

These are just some of the reasons why PURITI is one of the best Manuka honey brands in New Zealand. 

Try out our fantastic NZ Manuka honey lozenges today. 

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