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PURITI Adopts Safety & Consumer Protection Standards For All Mānuka Honey Products

September 05, 2022 2 min read

As part of PURITI’s philosophy, we have adopted strict testing and policies to eradicate glyphosate-residue from our products. Every batch of our 100% pure New Zealand Mānuka honey is tested to ensure that each product is glyphosate-residue free. 

Glyphosate is a commonly-used herbicide primarily used on farms, gardens, streets and parks. The extensive use of this chemical is so common that residues are even found in food. Evidence is growing that this herbicide may inflict health issues and potentially be carcinogenic or cancer-inducing. 

Our International Brand Manager, Adam Boot, has reassured the public that we have increased the quality of our honey through extensive and consistent testing of glyphosate. 

Boot says that PURITI has improved the manufacturing processes to ensure that each batch follows the strict standards for eliminating the presence of glyphosate-residue. 

“As a result, we feel confident we have produced the purest safest Mānuka honey available according to the highest of standards,” he said.

As a firm believer in sticking to the highest quality standards, PURITI believes that our international consumers deserve nothing less than zero tolerance for a potentially harmful chemical like glyphosate. Although the Mānuka plant generally grows in wild scrub or remote forest areas in New Zealand, glyphosate spray drift is still possible. 

“Consumers deserve to be given the full picture, the whole truth and all the information required to make an informed choice when purchasing Mānuka honey,” said Boot.

“A lesser product does not necessarily mean a bad product, but it isn’t of the quality that PURITI Mānuka demands of its own products,” he said.

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