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PURITI Creates The World’s Most Intensive Anti-Counterfeit Mānuka Honey Jar

September 05, 2022 2 min read

With over 11 anti-counterfeit measures in this jar of Mānuka honey, PURITI has delivered a packaging design that is virtually impossible to replicate. PURITI’s International Brand Manager, Adam Boot, sat down with Idealog and went through the philosophy of PURITI which has led to this uniquely designed jar. 

At PURITI, we believe that counterfeit Mānuka honey is a major problem that requires attention. We have done our part in this fight with the design and production of our very unique packaging.

Only monofloral Mānuka honey delivers unique benefits that are highly sought-after among enthusiasts. This honey is far rarer and thus needs to be carefully regulated due to the potential for counterfeit behaviour and exploitation.

“The problem in New Zealand is that the standards for our own market are not as strict as they are for export. We now have a higher level of quality required for export. We do not agree that there should be a lesser standard for our home market. Our solution has been to make all Puriti products to a standard that exceeds the export legislation regardless of where they are sold,” says Boot. 

PURITI takes great pride in raising the standards for all Mānuka honey brands. Our high bar is definitely a game-changer and we hope that the entire industry follows our lead and embraces stronger regulations. 

“The essence or soul of the Puriti brand is based upon lifting standards and continuous improvement. We have created a game-changer. If I was to answer honestly, I would say that it would be wonderful if the industry as a whole followed the same direction and embraced higher standards and regulation.”

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