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Puriti Manuka Honey - Anti Counterfeit Precautions

September 05, 2022 2 min read

PURITI uses Invisible ink technology for anti-counterfeiting their Manuka honey products

Compared to other Manuka honey found around the globe, genuine Manuka honey is exclusively produced in New Zealand. PURITI understands that when they produce a premium product with a stricter testing protocol, they must protect it. That’s why along with the quality of their premium Manuka honey, they also put a lot of effort into making a technologically advanced jar and label which reflects their thought and effort.

Buying a jar of PURITI will offer a superior customer experience and greater satisfaction knowing that you have purchased the very best in Manuka honey. Manuka honey that has been harvested, tested, certified and packed in New Zealand. Manuka honey that is of a quality level that no other company yet complies to. PURITI will not just stand out on the shelf, it will also offer a tactile appeal. The touch and feel reflect the quality and purity difference.

PURITI is a product of:

  • Invisible Ink That Is Only Clear Under Black Light
  • Soft Touch Paper Stock
  • Hot Stamp Metallic Foil
  • Clear Spot UV Over White
  • High Build UV Over Foil
  • Anti-Tamper Perforated Tear/break Strip
  • Unique Proprietary Jar & Lid Design
  • Strengthened Tamper Seal
  • PURITI Branded Induction Seal
  • Laser Etched Jar
  • Branded Engraved Map of NZ on Lid

The jar has a simple white label, highlighted with fine black text and gold detail. Both the jar, lid, and label were designed in conjunction to complement each other and work together. The smooth cylindrical shape allowed PURITI to design a label that could transition and seal across the jar. They also designed a lid with a tear/break strip providing further anti-tamper consumer security. The increased label size on the Manuka Honey jar provided enough space to clearly show the enhanced testing criteria all PURITI Manuka is subjected to.

For Adam Boot, International Brand Manager of PURITI, the design process was a critical stage in the product development and he wanted to design a masterpiece of customer experience.

“From the customer’s perspective, they want to see purity, quality, genuine, trust, honesty and transparency when making a product purchase decision. Having gone to the effort of producing Manuka honey to a higher purity and quality standard there seemed little point in being lost amongst a shelf of ordinary.

The starting point for us was the jar. The design had to be like no other Manuka honey jar design. The jar had to be unique, proprietary and exclusive to PURITI. We wanted to make the packaging technically complex and overly expensive to copy,” describes Mr Boot.

With many similar looking Manuka honey brands available on the market today, the company recognised the need for and how to make a difference. They understood that by creating a unique jar that is designed with a purpose, patented, and exclusive to PURITI, they could further provide for the needs of their consumers.

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