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The Benefits of Manuka Honey Lozenges

September 05, 2022 2 min read

At times of a sore throat, a pure Manuka honey lozenge will become your new best friend. Imagine having a lozenge that tastes good, soothes your throat, and is made from a super-food. In addition, the known topical anti-bacterial properties of NZ Manuka honey make for an excellent ingredient with anything related to soreness in the mouth.

This article will outline the benefits of having a Manuka honey lozenge at times of a sore throat and detail the differences between them and regular throat lollies.

1. Slow Release

The beauty of a lozenge is that the ingredients will slowly be released in your mouth. During times of sore throats and coughs, the Manuka honey will have the time to reach those areas of inflammation.

 2. Manuka Honey May Be Medicinal

Many companies will scream that all Manuka honey has medicinal properties; however, this may or may not be accurate depending on the grade and quality of the honey. Manuka honey is considered potent if the MGO concentration exceeds 1083mg/kg. PURITI offers 100% pure Manuka honey in a large range of MGO concentrations and UMF ratings.

3. Convenience

Keeping Manuka honey on the go is all the more reason to choose lozenges. Don’t concern yourself with waiting to get home to open the Manuka honey jar - lozenges are incredibly convenient.

Keep them at the home, in the office, car, or handbag to allow for easy access whenever your throat feels scratchy or dry.

4. Sweetness Without Guilt

The natural sugars of the honey sweeten the Manuka honey lozenge.

This, combined with the exceptional nutritional properties of Manuka honey make it the perfect alternative to refined sugar.

Why PURITI is the Answer for your Ideal Lozenge

However, with PURITI Manuka honey, we go above and beyond what is required for UMF testing. The NZ Ministry of Primary Industries sets the legal standard of what is necessary for genuine Manuka honey to be deemed authentic and medicinal.

For example, to receive a Manuka honey UMF 10+ certification, the minimum MGO level required is 263mg/kg; however, at PURITI, we set the minimum requirement at 300mg/kg. This is because, here at PURITI, we believe companies should be held to a higher standard and sell products that customers deserve. We even voluntarily test both our NZ and worldwide products sold. With PURITI honey, this is exactly what you get. 

Wrapping it Up…

In conclusion, there are several benefits regarding PURITI UMF Manuka Honey Lozenges. In addition, the simplicity of having these treats on hand is so great; you won’t have to concern yourself with hauling your jar of Manuka honey everywhere you go.

The high-quality Manuka honey lozenge is a perfect remedy to have when you’re feeling that tickle in your throat or your mouth is dry after a lengthy presentation at work.  

For information on where to buy Manuka Honey online, like lozenges or pure honey, have a look at our store!