Production & Sustainability

At PURITI, we have an inherent understanding that when nature thrives, we all succeed.

 As firm believers in making every step one that suits Mother Nature, we conscientiously partner with our beekeepers. Utilising the best technology to excel in traceability, food production efficiency, and logistics, PURITI strives to reduce our footprint and help nature thrive.

 Committed to the special connection between land and sea, at PURITI, we base our entire operation on care and respect for the environment. Clean, pure and green - we wouldn’t want it any other way.

How we produce Manuka Honey

Pure New Zealand Manuka honey is sourced from dense Manuka honey bush found in only the most remote locations. Our dedicated honey bees collect the nectar from the native Manuka flower and produce delicious rich honey. This is then creamed and placed into a jar ready for you. Raw unpasteurised Manuka honey is delivered right to your doorstep.

Sustaining the bee population

Sustaining the bee population - we partner with Trees for Bees, a Research Trust that is a New Zealand based not for profit organisation focused on keeping our pollinators happy and healthy while providing a more sustainable food supply for bees. The Manuka planting program is focused on Manuka tree regeneration across New Zealand.

 Midlands Bees is one of the largest South Island beekeeping business operating hives for honey production and seed crop pollination in the Mid Canterbury region.

Manuka Honey Planting Program

Since 2015 Midlands has been engaged in a Manuka planting and breeding program.

 Focused on a research and selection program utilising modern genetic profiling techniques across the South Island of New Zealand, the aim of the program is to address the potential shortfall of Manuka plantations.

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