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Can Mānuka Honey Be Used In Cooking?

September 05, 2022 4 min read

Since the dawn of time, honey has been an integral part of the human diet, but recent years have seen a rise in the demand for Mānuka honey. This thick, creamy velvet texture separates itself from other honey varieties due to its more dense nature. However, pure Mānuka honey has also become a common ingredient in several recipes. 

This blog will go through the different applications of pure Mānuka honey in recipes for both baking and cooking. After this article, you’ll better understand how this treat from the natural world can be added to your cooking to give it an extra sweet kick!

What Mānuka Honey Should I Use As An Ingredient? 

The first question you’ll want to ask yourself is which pure Mānuka honey type should you use for cooking. If the recipe you want to use requires heat, you’ll be able to use a lower Mānuka honey UMF grade. As heat can influence the bioactive ingredients within, you may not need a higher premium variety. 

A standard UMF 10+ Mānuka honey will be the perfect jar for your cooking needs. Delivering an unmatched taste to your cooking or a luxurious consistency if you’re looking to drizzle a little over the top of a dish or dessert. 

While adding this velvet gold to your cooking will undeniably take it up another notch, having a spoonful of an ultra-premium UMF grade of Mānuka honey is also a fantastic way of getting a boost of natural sugar in the morning. 

Is Mānuka Honey A Substitute For Sugar? 

Mānuka honey is a natural sweetener and contains fewer calories (per gram) than other non-natural sugar like refined cane sugar or artificial sucrose. Although honey is primarily sugar, a 5g serving of Mānuka honey contains fewer calories (12g) than refined cane sugar (16g). 

Many enjoy the use of Mānuka honey as a natural alternative to other sugar due to the decadent and creamy flavour that comes with it. This unique native honey is also known the have a range of macro, micronutrients and secondary metabolites that may contribute to overall health. 

Additionally, one serving of Mānuka honey provides 10% of recommended daily intake. A beautiful gift from the honeybees of New Zealand, Mānuka honey is the perfect, healthier substitute for artificial sugar.

How Can Mānuka Honey Be Used For Baking? 

Using Mānuka honey in baking is always a treat, but there are a few things to look out for when adding it to your recipe. Firstly, it’s recommended not to replace sugar with Mānuka honey solely as it can affect the consistency, cooking time and rising of the treat. Instead, adding a half-cup or two should be sufficient for every baking recipe, particularly cakes and muffins. 

One other step to note is that Mānuka honey is not a solid substance and will contribute to the overall liquid in your baking mixture. Therefore, be sure to reduce the number of liquid ingredients by ¼ of a cup as you go through the recipe; this way, adding the delicious pure Mānuka honey will not affect the overall mixture. 

Lastly, honey is known to caramelise and burn faster than sugar. Don’t panic, however. Reducing the oven temperature by approximately 10 degrees celsius will help ease the heat stress on your baking. It’s also recommended that you keep a close eye on the baking process if there is honey, as the mixture may not take as long to bake. 

One of the best ways to ensure a foolproof recipe is to follow one that already uses Mānuka honey as an ingredient. This way, the experts have crafted a method that has been ideally written for this golden treat. 

How Can Mānuka Honey Be Used For Other Cooking? 

The incredible taste of Mānuka honey is not just reserved for baked goods but can be applied to several dishes around the clock. From the morning cup of tea to the drizzling of liquid gold on your guilty bowl of ice cream at the end of the day, you’ll be sure to keep a jar of PURITI Mānuka Honey handy. 

For breakfast, add Mānuka honey to: 

For lunch, you can use Mānuka honey to:

For dinner, add Mānuka honey to: 

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