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Harvesting High-Quality Manuka Honey

September 05, 2022 3 min read

High-quality Manuka honey is a unique variety of honey that provides a vast array of nutritional benefits and immune-supporting properties. In this article, we will discuss the process of Manuka honey harvesting, the testing and what makes it so unique. 

How the honey is collected

The process begins with the collection of nectar from the Manuka plant. Grown naturally in New Zealand, this plant has historically been used by the indigenous Maori people for  traditional natural healing purposes. Both topically to aid in wound healing - for cuts, burns and scars - and ingested to reduce the formation of plaque, gum disease and calm digestive upsets. 

When the flowers on a Manuka plant bloom, they secrete nectar which attracts bees as it is a vital source of energy and food. The bees then fly the nectar back to their hive and seal the honey in a wax cell for it to ripen into honey. The honey is then extracted from these hives and stored and transported in brand new steel drums to a factory for processing. 

Ethical Honey Harvesting Programme

Manuka honey in New Zealand follows an ethical honey harvesting programme. It is important to ensure the bees are kept happy and healthy. This programme makes sure the bees are not at risk of contamination and protects the surrounding environment during harvesting. Recording and tracing mean the process can be tracked from start to finish ensuring the highest quality of standards are being met. 


Quality control is of the utmost importance during the processing phase. PURITI honey is harvested, tested, certified and packed in New Zealand. The honey is batch tested to ensure the highest quality standards are being met. Each jar and product undergoes strict quality control to ensure the presentation meets the highest personal and professional standards. 

At PURITI, our honey is guaranteed to be anti-counterfeit. We show both UMF and MGO ratings clearly on the label. Our tailor-made proprietary jar has been designed specifically to avoid fraudulent versions of our honey from appearing. 

Some of the measures we take include an engraved map of New Zealand, a tamper-evident tear or break strip, high build UV packaging and blacklight invisible ink. Each jar is designed to be clear, so you can easily see the difference in quality.

Each batch of Manuka Honey has to undergo extensive testing to prove it is genuine Manuka honey. This is achieved through the UMF test which identifies four chemical markers from the nectar and one DNA marker from the pollen. 

Methylglyoxal (MGO) is one of the main components that make this honey so unique with its antibacterial properties. It is a naturally occurring compound in authentic NZ Manuka honey. At PURITI, we keep our honey raw and unpasteurised to guarantee our honey does not lose its medicinal attributes. 

PURITI Manuka honey follows even more stringent requirements and higher testing standards than is required legally by all Manuka honey brands. This is to ensure our honey is of the highest quality. We even voluntarily test all of our New Zealand sold products and test for glyphosate.  Our minimum MGO level for our UMF grading system is higher than the legal requirements. 

Our UMF Manuka honey rating of 22+ has an MGO level of 1000 mg/kg (ppm). Above the legal requirement of 971 mg/kg (ppm).With such high levels of MGO and rigorous testing, you can be guaranteed you are getting the best quality Manuka honey with a high amount of nutritional benefits. 


The final step of the process is the purchase of the Manuka honey. These can be bought from PURITI website for worldwide delivery. 100% pure Manuka honey delivered right to your doorstep.

These are just some of the reasons why PURITI is one of the best Manuka honey brands in New Zealand. 

With PURITI honey, you can purchase some of the best Manuka honey in NZ. Delivered right to your doorstep. Buy our Manuka honey online or in selected stores for all your cosmetic and wellness needs.