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How to best enjoy PURITI Manuka honey from New Zealand

September 05, 2022 2 min read

You’ve heard all about Manuka honey, and the antibacterial properties make it one of the healthiest honeys you’re likely to find, but how can you integrate it into your diet? Despite having a deep history in New Zealand, it only recently entered the global market and there’s a secret to consumption you need to know – it is best consumed raw.

The second you heat pure Manuka honey, all the antimicrobial properties will be gone (one of the reasons you bought PURITI Manuka honey, the best Manuka honey brand in NZ, in the first place!). With this in mind, there are a few ways you can introduce the sweetness of high quality Manuka honey. For example, one of our favourites is to combine the unique properties of Manuka honey UMF and breakfast.

Pure Manuka honey and breakfast food

What do we mean? Well, what about porridge and Manuka honey? Manuka honey poured into a yoghurt? Manuka honey as part of a smoothie? In all three of these examples, the best quality Manuka honey transforms what can be a boring breakfast meal into a vibrant, sweet sensation without the refined sugar.  

Workout boost and packed lunch

As long as it’s stored in a cool place, it’ll keep all the pure Manuka honey properties for when you need a natural boost for a workout (making those lunges a little easier!). Additionally, it could be a way to satisfy your child’s sweet tooth without giving them all sorts of sweets and chocolates.

Top tips

Why not try NZ’s best Manuka honey combined with vinegar and oil for a salad dressing, combined with warm milk for a night-time treat, stirred into a mug of tea, to glaze muffins, or even for a Manuka honey and lemon hot drink when you’re under the weather?

Whichever route you choose, make sure you have high quality Manuka honey such as PURITI by reading the label and comparing other Manuka honey brands. As long as it’s a pure Manuka honey of New Zealand with reliable UMF factor, you’re ready to benefit from everything this elixir has to offer!