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Puriti Authenticity

Pure. Premium. Protected.

With PURITI, we do everything we can to protect the quality and inherent rarity of New Zealand Mānuka honey. Always looking to challenge convention and improve the status quo, we are determined to defend against fake and counterfeit honeys. That’s why we develop and adhere to stricter testing protocols than the government standards, setting a new benchmark of quality.

Anti-counterfeit security measures

PURITI prides itself on being authentic and unique. All of our UMF™ Manuka honey jars are packed at one source and protected by over 11 separate anti-counterfeit security measures to ensure the absolute integrity of every product.

 Our one-of-a-kind jars ensure that the purchase of PURITI products is precisely that. In addition, New Zealand is the only nation with a formal and government-set scientific definition of Manuka honey.