Puriti Standards

At PURITI, our values are represented in the products we produce. We believe the customer deserves the best and every jar of our monofloral Manuka honey exceeds the minimum threshold for UMF™ grading. PURITI’s level of MGO (which is the critical basis for the UMF™ grade) exceeds the minimum requirement set by the UMF™ Honey Association.

Regardless of your location worldwide, PURITI dedicates time and resources to quality assurance to ensure that you’re always impressed with the pure 100% New Zealand Manuka honey we produce.

Committed to over delivering on excellence, our testing standards are higher than legislative requirements. The result? All PURITI Mānuka honey exceeds export quality standards.

• Raw
• Cold Pressed
• Natural
• Fully Traceable
• UMF Certified & Tested

• MGO certified and tested
• Glyphosate Residue-free
• GE/GMO-free
• Consumer Protection Anti Counterfeit packaging
• All PURITI Mānuka Honey exceeds MPI export quality standards

The PURITI Grading Table

UMF and MGO are the two globally recognised and accepted Mānuka grading systems. Because all PURITI honey is UMF and MGO certified, we make this clear on every jar. Our MGO levels are significantly higher than the UMF minimum requirement, which puts us ahead of the competition.

High Testing Standards

With PURITI, we have voluntarily adopted test standards that range from 10% to 100% higher than the export standards. Although the MPI Mānuka science definition only applies to export honey, we make all our honey to this standard: domestic and export.